Dare to be – short story #scifi #romance

Time: 2099


Kanslan – female (means “feeling” in Swedish)
Skrecken – male (means “fear, terror” in Swedish)
Djuret – male (means “animal” in Swedish)

or Känslan/Skräcken/Djuret


Imorgon – city (means “Tomorrow” in Swedish)

New words to check:

Trunk – bed
Jen – a memory pod for uploading thoughts/images
Nimbus – radiance around the body
Palaver – some kind of council
Scanner – installs to scan personal compatibility
Ward – house
AA – a warm drink/food
E-wave – electromagnetic field
Union – partnership
Gage – room

x x x 

I lay in my trunk* reflecting on the day, lazily rolling a pencil between my fingers as I ponder what to upload to my jen*. A pencil is the gift from my father. Reminder about the time, when the world was full of trees, the lakes – full of water, and people – still could make a change…

I know what I want to write. About that handsome guy, Djuret, that I met this morning. When we spoke, he seemed so charming and clever. But I couldn’t deny the dark e-wave that surrounded his nimbus*.

 I flip images in my head, uploading them to jen, as well as scribbling with my pencil on the wall of a trunk:

 July 14, 2099
His name is Djuret and I can’t stop thinking about him. Sometimes I wish that I could travel back in time, when we had no need in the tech to sense nimbus* of each person. Why not just give them the benefit of the doubt when we meet them…?
Djuret, despite being perfect, had incredibly negative field. There is no way that Palaver* will ever approve him as a partner for me. But maybe that’s why I’m so intrigued. Or maybe my scanner* is malfunctioning and there’s actually nothing suspicious at all?

“Kanslan! Are you home?” a voice called from somewhere outside my ward.

Shit, it’s my mom. She doesn’t even warn me that she’s coming over!

“Kanslan?!” she called again.
“I’m in my trunk, one second!” I’m slamming and squeezing my thoughts, hiding away pencil before making my way out.
I find her busy, in the process of making us both AA. AA smells like coffee, but tastes like crap. Literally. A sour look crosses my face, when I see her standing with a cup.  

 “How will you ever start a union when you can’t even clean up after yourself?” my mom demands. She goes to another gage*, to check my garbage.
“KANSLAN!”  yep, she is surprised by overflowing state of my trash.
 “I’ve been very busy with work! I will fix it today. I mean, right now!” I tell her in protest. “Yelling” isn’t really my thing. The place is also too small to shout.
 She gives me a disapproving look, watching how I rush over to fix the problem.

I head out to catch some air. Skrecken, the guy from the next ward to me, is sitting on the stone, spreading around his perfect smile and shiny nimbus. He only moved in a couple of days ago and doesn’t seem to know a lot of people. Skrecken is always very kind and my scanner shows that he is a perfect match.

“Parents?” he asks in his smooth, sultry voice.
“Yeah, my mom is visiting, so… I had to tidy up a bit.” I pause. “What about you?”
“Just sitting here, then heading to work,” he explains.

I wonder what his scanner has told him about me?

“What do you do for work?” I’m trying to continue a friendly conversation.
“I’m a BT” he is proud. “Basically, I develop different biological technologies, like the wave calculator we all use daily.”
“Cool job!” my response.

Could this guy be any more boring?

“And how are you enjoying living in Imorgon? It’s so fresh. The air here is kinda extraordinary!”
“Yeah, not bad, considering that the Earth looks like a burned rice-paper …”
The rest of our conversation is full of light-hearted bullshit.

I make my way back to the ward. And guess, what I see! My mom and Djuret are standing in the second gage, near the door to the trunk. She is laughing at something that he’s just said.

“Djuret? What are you doing here?” I ask.
“Honey!” my mom says in a weird warm voice. “Isn’t Djuret just lovely? He tells me that you met him on your way to work! Are you guys going to create a union?”
“What are you talking about? Djuret, how did you find out where I live?” I demand, trying hard not to let my voice ring full of panic and anger.
“Silly girl!” Djuret is smiling. “You invited me to the dinner tonight and explained how to find it.”
“No. Fuckin’. Way!” 

Djuret places his hands on my shoulders and stares deep into my eyes. I don’t know why, but now I feel as though I’ve known him for a very long time.

My scanner is broken, for sure. There is no way the guy is bad or dangerous. I can feel the positive energy radiating from deep within his body.

“I’m happy to be here with you.” Djuret whispers. All of a sudden, he leans down and kisses me. The rest of the world just seems melting away.

“Rrrright.” I’m touching his hand and continue. “Wouldn’t it be nice, to get a little PRE-dinner dessert in my trunk?”

“What a great idea!” my mother shouts. “Go kids, go… By the time you’re done, dinner will be ready, and we can start making the arrangements for your union!”
She jumps up and down, looking ecstatic and giddy like an over zealous school girl.

“Sound wonderful,” adds a hungry voice of my soon-to-be-partner.

x x x 

He’s shutting the door of the trunk, excited to f’ck me. I slowly open my legs and… there are no more Djuret or Kanslan. Only black gloom that swallow each soul.


The End

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22 Responses

  1. Jina Bazzar says:

    That ended in a dark note – thanks for sharing the words and their meanings.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Yes 🙂 thank you! 💙 I believe it gives a diff kind of meaning for this story

  2. Eilene Lyon says:

    That seems so bleak a future, but very well written story. I suppose if we’re still overflowing trash cans, what sort of world can we expect?🤔

  3. Darn. had a feeling it wasn’t going to end on a high note. (so to speak) Enjoyed the story, Victoria Ray

  4. George F. says:

    Dig this tremendously. Taking notes.

  5. Oooh, I really like this!

  6. This is fantastic. Really enjoyed this

  7. Anonymous says:

    You may need more sleep!

  8. iScriblr says:

    Very well written story! Brilliant!👏👏

  9. George F. says:

    Thanks for commenting on my latest post…which is gone now. I appreciate it!

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