#coolprompts ‘Uguisu no Sato’

#coolprompts 13 November – 18 November 
‘Uguisu no Sato’

The expression “Uguiso no Sato” illustrates the Japanese sense of beauty: physical and emotional. Create a story, a poem, flash fiction (text, any genre) that reflects some of Japanese virtues:

  • Beauty
  • Compassion
  • Patience 

To participate: post a story, poem or flash on your blog, tag the post – #coolprompts, pingback to Ray’s post (or any last post on RayNotBradbury’s Blog). Any genre/style is welcome! No boundaries at all! It’s OKAY to bend the rules. Have fun!

My example
From “The Dulcinea Project” #YA

Sometimes our karma is moving after us wherever we go. What if that Crack has been made to follow and destroy me? Or maybe to eat me up? Nom, “The Taste of Dulcinea” – what a great title for the book!

“Getting dark, we’ll continue tomorrow, guys. Dinner and bed,’ –  dad’s voice woke me up.
“I want a tale after dinner,” – I said.
“Aren’t you too old for the fairytales? And you still have to unpack your boxes,” – added Kaitlin’s sour face. 

We sat around our new white table.
In the new white room.
Inside of the new white house.
Kaitlin worried about the government, license for her business, about war, taxes and debts, New Year and even Valentines. It occurred to me that without her small doubts, chats and heavy emotional cries we’d eclipse from reality. I wondered how the life without Kaitlin would look like.

Dad interrupted my thoughts: ‘Once upon a time, a young girl named Kali discovered a house that she never came across before. The house was in the middle of the Earth. Kali went into the house, struggling with the hot waves of the sunlight. And… she saw a beautiful woman inside. That woman was the Earth’s Mother. She explained to Kali that she had to leave and asked a girl to take a charge of the place during her absence. 

“My favourite tale,” – I winked to Adam.
“Dad never told it before,” – he said.  

“I know, – I laughed. – Ok, ok, shhhh, continue.”

“Before leaving she warned Kali: ‘Keep the room in the middle of the house warm and do not go outside. Wait until I get back.’ But Kali didn’t listen and went outside. She forgot about everything that a beautiful woman said to her. She went further and further, far from the center of the Earth. Suddenly she found herself alone on a grey empty field.

The house,
the Earth,
the woman,
the beautiful forest…- everything had disappeared. Kali wanted to run, but she couldn’t. She transformed into a mud snail. A snail with an aura of Sadness. She was standing in the middle of nowhere, grieving about everything she lost, patiently waiting to be saved.”

“I’d say, learn the forest orientation, Kali. That’s the Key,” – said Adam.
“Did she get back? That woman?” – even Kaitlin had listened.
“I bet she did. But she felt anger, she took no revenge on the girl, but simply revealed her true nature,” – explained his vision my dad. 

“Kali deserved it, she broke a promise. It’s tragic but at the end, nature returns to nature. I believe one day Kali will transform from a mud snail into a beautiful…fish? Haha,” – I opened my mouth, imitating fish. Adam started to laugh.

“It’s impossible to truly grasp the reality of nature, Dulcinea, because it does not like its true form to be understood,” – seems my dad enjoyed the conversation.
“Maybe it is impossible because people are rarely make a serious or active approach to understand. All we do is define, sort out, hunt, break, kill.”
“Let’s hope for the happy ending. It’s a bed time,” – Kaitlin took Adam’s hand. 

“Too early for me. I’m going to chat with Jess. Good night and …keep your eyes open, Adam, because Kali gonna get you today. Oooo-hooooo-hooooo!” – and I ran upstairs.
“You should be the number One on the list,”  – shouted my brother to my back.

It is difficult to understand the real character of nature. The nature is the Absolute Beauty, we are usually saying. But we are forgetting to mention that there are two kinds of beauty: one is light or visual, and the other is dark or emotional.
Do not mess with the Earth’s emotions, humans!

x x x

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  1. Cross my heart.
    It’s bed time and I absolutely loved this story.

  2. Tom Darby says:

    “Uguisu no Sato,” Vicky whispered, sounding more Portuguese than Japanese, as she skipped passed the old man sitting on the sidewalk.

  3. iScriblr says:

    Loved this story!👏👏

  4. Omg, its intoxicating…..🙈🙈

    P.S. I read it twice as this kinda writings are new to me and it takes time for the mind to register.😂😂

  5. 🙊i love this…great story

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