#coolprompts ‘The End Of Infinity’

#coolprompts ‘The End Of Infinity’ 9 august – 13 august

  • based on ”The Sand Reckoner”, Archimedes: ‘Some think that the grains of sand cannot be counted.’

Use the words ‘finite-infinite’ or sentence ‘Some think that the grains of sand cannot be counted’ in your text.

To participate: post a story, poem or flash on your blog, tag the post – #coolprompts, pingback to Ray’s post (or any last post on RayNotBradbury’s Blog), if you want me to come over, read and comment. Any genre/style is welcome! No boundaries at all! It’s OKAY to bend the rules. Have fun!

My example
‘Every Living Thing’

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5 billion years ago, #Creator
He was unable to see inside the rock, but he had no doubt it was full of sand. He had made the right decision to hide his treasure there.

– Always remember, I love you, – said voice to the spherical planet.

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c. ??? BC, #Archimedes
I was standing in the middle of nowhere. No girls. No orgies. No coffee. Only sand. I noticed a man with a scar like the ring. He poured something on the sand and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen appeared on the ground.
‘How easy it would be …to fall in love with this body,’ – looped in my mind.
I have to admit her presence was very comforting.
An old man dropped a few gold coins on her naked body and said:
– Well, I suppose we will have to trust one another, human. Keep her safe! 
I’ll find you…

x x x

2038, #You
I was surprised when the doorbell rang. I pressed ‘NO’ on the screen and the image of man with a scar froze.

– Sorry, old friend, – he said, sitting on my couch, – it won’t help. I’m here to pick up my Earth.
– Of course, that magical girl…it would be wonderful. Let me make you one last coffee.
For a moment everything went completely silent. I felt nauseous and somewhat breathless, gripped by the depth of his eyes.
– Look, you are wasting your time. She’s gone, completely destroyed. It’s impossible to find her.
He sat staring at me in silence:
– Some think that even the grains of sand cannot be counted…

Written by Ray Archimedes, 2018

The End fantasy-2506830_1920

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  1. The denizen of the Fourth Quadrant was exhausted, when she landed on an untrammeled stretch of Thousand Mile Beach. She sank into a deep sleep, waking seven days later. When she teleported out of her vessel, she found herself looking at an impromptu cafe, where young humans were engaged in the timeless posturing and cavorting for which they were knowm, even in the Fourth Quadrant. “Look! A mud creature! It’s green!”, one of the cheeky kids blurted out. His friends were shocked, when he transformed into Green Mud.
    There are many ways to capture a specimen.

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