#coolprompts Science Week: word – ‘the clone’

‘Cool Writing Prompt’ for this week, 19 – 24 June

Write the post based on the word ‘the clone’Use 3 related words to the theme ‘Genetics’: ethical, science, duplicate.
Or come up with your own 3 words. The word ‘the clone’ still have to be used in the text. It doesn’t mean your post should be scientific oriented. 

To participate: publish a post on your blog, pingback to this post, so I can find you, if you want me to read and comment. Any genre/style is welcome! 

My example
‘the clone’ + 3:  ethical, science, duplicate 

Haiku 1. ‘Bring back the dinosaur

A single cell is
Picked by a tiny needle.
Jurassic Park is real!

But is it ethical
To duplicate the lost…and then
Make them extinct twice?

Haiku 2. ‘On the road’

‘A poop of the clone…
How does it smell?‘ – I asked.
My dog started the ‘science-research’.

Haha! Have fun! 


You’ll find this information and new themes for the prompts (1 each week) on the Ray-Blog, page – Cool Writing Prompts Page




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