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Cool Writing Prompts

Prompts are meant to inspire and encourage new writing. Responses don’t have to fulfil every detail below. Be creative! 


  • Understand that people here are at all different levels:
    • New writers
    • Experienced writers
    • Professional writers
    • Users who are just learning English
    • Just having fun bloggers
  • Typos and grammatical errors are possible. Be nice 🙂
  • Feedback and critiques are encouraged, but just saying something’s bad is not helpful at all…-think about it.
  • Include the tag – #coolprompts in the tittle, if you like (not obligatory). But it will be much easier to find it via The Reader.

Here you’ll find different kinds of prompts: 

  • Fiction prompts;
  • One word prompts;
  • Media prompts;
  • Image prompts;
  • Off Topic prompts;
  • Synonym prompts;
  • and much more.

‘Writing Prompt’ for this week, 4-11 June:

Write the post based on the word ‘ironic’. Use 5 more synonyms of the word ‘ironic’ in your post. You can find the synonym help at

To participate: publish a post on your blog, pingback to this page or use the tag, so I can find you, if you want me to read and comment on it.

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