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Dare to be – short story #scifi #romance

Time: 2099 Heroes: Kanslan – female (means “feeling” in Swedish) Skrecken – male (means “fear, terror” in Swedish) Djuret – male (means “animal” in Swedish) or Känslan/Skräcken/Djuret Place: Imorgon – city (means “Tomorrow” in Swedish) New words to check: Trunk – bed Jen – a memory pod for uploading thoughts/images Nimbus – radiance around the body Palaver – some kind of council Scanner – installs to scan personal compatibility Ward – house AA – a warm drink/food...

Happy Valentine Story, 18+ “Venus de Milo”

x x x “I wonder if Shana realized I came home yesterday almost in the morning,” remarked Kif. He was sitting in his best friend, Matt, unkempt living room on one of his ‘drinking’ visits. “Your wife is legit tired of your ass. I’m sure she knows. You need to get a grip,” replied Matt, stirring his cold beer with his finger before taking a sip. “Says the man who has naked robots around the house,”...