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Taste life twice

Introducing two book covers for my upcoming poetry books (satire and humor). Why two? Because I’m planning to make a high speed realise… 🌪🔥  Soooo Ray! 😂 42 Degrees of Truth – book #1 (Unicorn) Release date – October 25 (celebrates Frankenstein Friday) Content Part 1 – The Wild Unknown: pick a direction Part 2 – The Roots of Morality Part 3 – Soul Shacking Inspiration Part 4 – Have...


“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 23 – Bruck (18+)

Bruck – #personaljournal “You know they are going to come and get you, don’t you?” “Who?” “My brother and WoodWord.” “Shhhh. Yes. I know…” It was the last words she said to me. The Little Blessed One. Ah, her trembling breath reminded me of a tune of Vertigo, the haunting Suite of Bernard Herrmann. Do you love classical music? What is your favorite? Let’s imagine you stop at a hotel,...


What’s up, Ray?

“What’s up, Ray? Why so quiet?” asked no-one ever… because Ray is too damn active, over-social I’d say, but only when she is ONLINE. The latest news: my blurb for 42 Degrees of Truth (Amazon) is ready – read below my book cover will be posted next week Ray is going to the Festival of Literature (Sweden), in the middle of October Ray is going to the class ‘How to...


“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 22 – #dialogue

Short version ch. 22 – #dialogue (1000 words) x x x Cash, Ichi, and Ola are standing near the lake, a couple of miles from the shuttle. Cash: Here you are, my Pearl! A dream planet! I still can’t believe we are breathing without our masks. It’s all that matters, guys. (laughing) Do you understand? We have finally found a new place to start over… look at the water. It’s...


Book cover ALERT! 🤡

What do you think? (May swapped ‘truth’ with ‘truths’ in the last two examples, but right now it doesn’t matter, she’ll fix it later). I think the last one (purple) is interesting, but a bit too empty (space above). My husband liked the one with the blue skies/face – but it looks TOO spiritual (or too military?) to me. It’s so difficult with a cover for poetry book…aaaaaa 🙀😂  


“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 21 – Elin

#personaljournal I am a deeply religious non-believer. Let me explain what I mean by that. My journey started in the year 2693… when I had been sent to the famous Hoff’s monastery outside of Lund, in Sweden. The reason for my exile (at 9 years old) was due to the crime that my mother committed, which resulted in a death sentence for her and an exile for myself. Her name...