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“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 9 – Cash #privatejournal

I remember her hair – the color of white snow – and vibrant orchid eyes, almost like mosaics, unnaturally beautiful, the mix of forgotten spring and crystalline heaven. I remember her laugh, bright like a birdsong. It was as if her laugh lifted the dark veil from my heart and allowed me to see the world with different, happy eyes. Sunny. Joyful. Confident. A cloudless spring day. This is what I feel when I think about...


Nari – ‘two-coloured ghost’

Excerpt (first draft) from my upcoming book for children (6-9 yo) “The Adventures of ghost Nari”. x x x “Do I look like ballerina?” Nari asked her mom. Blue pancakes smeared with yellow jam magically arrived on her plate. Her mom was a real witch when she cooked for her little girl.  Nari was a ghost. A rare ghost with two colors: pink and teal. She lived with her mother under the Boo Bridge, in the...


“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 6 #dialogue

Reminder: A group of six (Pain, Bou, Mimo, Alma, Ichi and Goe) has been send to Pearl, the Ninth planet. Humans (both advanced and primitive) hope to find a new planet suitable for living and breathing outside. The group of ‘advanced’ humans (Cash, Alexis and Ola) is on the way to Pearl. Pain and Bou are pulled under the water, where they are discovering The Kingdom of Mara.  Mimo is stuck with Shon, the rebel and the...