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Ride your life-cycle!

Life is a cycle (the earth is going in cycles, the moon, etc), and most people keep repeating the same cycles in different scenery all the time. You as a body (your physical life) -> know, that you are moving closer to the grave = that means you know where […]


So I just found out that a human body is a triangle. Or if to be more correct – 2 connecting triangles.  The first triangle – the physical existence (downwards), the second triangle – the energy existence (upstairs). So if you wanna be happy, in peace, fully connected with the […]

Review of my brain

Review of the brain. Or INSIDE OF IT.  Patient: Ray Not Bradbury :)) The idea belongs to a blogger Mindfump, the link is here if you wanna try it: REVIEW YOUR BRAIN You are welcome, dudes and duddetes! Let’s begin. Imagine yourself waking up in a white room. All the walls […]