Cape of Good Hope and Doha 

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Hey peeps!

Last pictures from my trip. It was an awesome one! On the last photos you’ll see a picture (from my hotel-room in Doha). When I saw the pic I was lying in my bed (in the morning) and I was sleepy of coz, but suddenly I saw a CAT. Only after a while I understood it was a picture of Venice! 🙂 and not a cat on the road lol  CAN YOU FIND=SEE a CAT? 


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33 Responses

  1. blogsbyity says:

    Spectacular Pictures. High 5 for your first pic.

  2. blogsbyity says:

    and Thank you, You are my hundredth like.

  3. kinkyacres says:

    Amazing Coastal views! Little ‘bitty’ sailboat! Don’t see no feline!
    Do you make prints of your pictures? These, and the prior pictures would make a great little coffee table book . I don’t have a coffee’ table’, only a coffee ‘cup’ ! (empty at present) Did you notice the humidity during your tours? Don’t see no cat!
    Nice too see your (almost) smiling self among the pictures!
    Great job once more! Definitely stirs up ones thoughts of hitting the road!

    • No don’t make any prints..I think pictures should be more special :))
      Don’t have any coffee book as well lol but I like some when I see them :))
      I do have tables & cups..& coffee. lol I feel rich now hahaha
      No humidity. This is what I liked. It was dry air. Hot & dry…so it doesn’t feels so much hot.
      Face of a cat.. check the bridge/or under/ …a bit in style of of cubism maybe. But still a cat lol
      Have a good day, Kinky 🙂

  4. Glad you had a great time! It looks beautiful

  5. strangerblue says:

    Wow​ Ray! Looks as if you had a nice trip. The pictures are wonderful but my favorite is the one that says ” The recipe for love”.

  6. Rincewind says:

    Let’s mix a little hatred/jealousy/happy thoughts for you that you are on this trip/some more jealousy/oki happy again for you… yupp that’s my feelings at the moment 🙂

  7. Amazing photos, glad that it was a good trip. Did you write about the funny story yet, and I missed it?

  8. You should’ve told me that you were here in Doha. I might’ve invited you for a cup of coffee! 😉

  9. Love those cliffs out along the water. A beautiful spot.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful pictures Ray! What an amazing place!! And I cannot find the cat…. !

  11. I’ve been missing your posts Ray, how have you been? The pictures sent a wave of “happy energy” my way, so thank you very much for that!!

  12. vajpayee04 says:

    Beautiful pics

  13. anne leueen says:

    OK! Found the cat. Enjoyed all of the photos.

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