The Book Review

“You can kill a book quicker by your silence than by a bad review.” E. A. Bucchianeri

Yes. Here it is. The author of those “bad (but entertaining) reviews”: the one, who’s always criticizing, who is always unhappy about the style, or the character…or probably the taste of the water in the morning.

But if you are following my blog for a while, you know that my reviews are 50% fiction, written for a fun, smile and a good old laugh. My reviews are only for readers and I post them once a week ( you can always find them on my blog-page under category “Book-Review”).

Yes, I do remember the amazing quote: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone – go look in the mirror.” Ok, I just made up this one. But what I’d like to say – I’m not interested to put down the book or to destroy the published work by the awful “rating”. Someone will always hate it – someone will always love it. Thats the law of the universe. My personal opinion reflects only the first impression after I’ve finished reading… I’m like a Monet, taking ‘the first feeling’ at the forefront of the review, and throwing ‘the details’ to the back seat.

“I hardly give 5 stars to a book in my review. I do not want the authors to reach a saturation point, where they think they have done their best; they can always go beyond what they have achieved so far – should always go beyond. Keep growing.” Arti Honrao

I’m not that bad as Arti, but…..