Book Review “Your Conscious Mind”

“It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, there’s a couple lying naked in bed reading Encyclopediea Brittannica to each other, and arguing about whether the Andromeda Galaxy is more ‘numinous’ than the Ressurection. Do they know how to have a good time, or don’t they?” Carl Sagan

The book “Your Conscious Mind” is a series of articles based on “New Scientist”-masterclass on consciousness in 2016. I loved every page of it because its a collection of the magical tools for writing a fiction. I loved it also, because I’m very lazy and I saw an opportunity to read ALL in ONE book: evolutionary biology, cognitive science, brain representation of the body, psychology, physics, cosmology, behavioural neurology…if it doesn’t sounds “awesome” to you and you still consider yourself as a lover of sci-fi – then you are completely fuked up and need a shot! Between whether or not there’s “anybody home”-place! Haha

Isaac Asimov said: “I couldn’t possibly write the variety of books I manage to do out of the knowledge I had gained in school alone. I had to keep a program of self-education in process. My library of reference books grew and I found I had to sweat over them in my constant fear that I might misunderstand a point that to someone knowledgeable in the subject would be a ludicrously simple one.”

To have good ideas, we need to CONSUME good ideas too. And this book is a way to pick up the most interesting and new of them for your future ‘sci-fi or mystery/fantasy’ writing.

The main focus of the book – on consciousness, the ultimate metaphysical mysteries of all the time. Is it all around us real or is it an illusion? What makes you “you”? Can science make us immortal? How easy to uncover the secrets of brain and what 90 billions of the neutrons are doing while you are eating a yummy chocolate bar? Who is in charge of every decision? Brain, consciousness or something else? Given the choice, not one of us would prefer to be a zombie. Thats I know for sure… 

A very interesting part of the book – the chapter “Disorders of consciousness”.
Hey, I’m talking to you, exessive-day-time-sleepers, those who are experiencing awaking with the realization that you can’t move your body, or feeling in a locked-in state; to those, who’re seeing the world in ‘black and white’, those with Alzheimers and so on.


I know, I know. Here you are, one healthy sarcastic freak, who doesnt give a damn about sleep, who’s writing nothing, reading even less and simply just sitting near laptop posting post after post after post…in hope to become a New Enigma or at least to get a Nobel Prize (Before death!). Oh, of course you deserve it! But before you’ll get there – let me introduce you to the article “ORGASM. THE HOLIDAY FROM THE MIND.”

Here you are!
All ears and eyes.
I knew it.
Always works.

“At the moment of orgasm, consciousness goes out of the window,” – saying the author of the article. The scientists even found the way to treat a pain with a help of one. Or two. Or many. 


Ok, forget about that! We are moving further! Feeling kinda “detached from yourself” lately? Then go ahead and check “Drug free LALA Land and how the LCD expands your mind” section. Enjoy a laugh while reading how a very famous scientist had a conversation with a spider. (I can do it without any LCD. You?)

Next, and the lost shot, right into your soul. Imagine never having to truly die. Being able to upload all of your memories to a computer and to live on in a humanoid robot when you human body can no longer be upgraded. WOW?  Yeah…WOOOOW.

Its a fantasy so far. But with a steps the science make – we’ll arrive there in no time. They already created a ‘self-aware’ robot (in 2015 by the way, in case you’ve missed it. I did)…so conscious machines are on the way. Hold on a bit more, don’t die to early, bro!

We know very little, and yet it is astonishing that we know so much, and still more astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power.

The fascinating life of brain, universe, consciousness (the fourth state of matter?) – is taken for granted on the daily basis. How often do you ask yourself – WHY? Many saw the apple fall, but only Newton was curious enough to bother about the apple on the ground…

A straight line is not the shortest distance between 2 points. “Oh, please, what can go wrong?” – you asking and smiling…

My dear, everything!
Being human is all you have today.
Cherish it!

I’m off to Stockholm for shopping-tour with my mum. I’m staying there until Wednesday. So next post – Thursday, haikus “Sexting Nation.” 
I also finished “Camino Island”-book by JGrisham. I love John Grisham, but I would advice to read something else (his other novels) instead of “Camino Island”,


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I’d rate it 2,5/3 from 5.

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  1. As usual ur book reviews are different and interesting…
    loved this line “To have good ideas, we need to CONSUME good ideas too” …agree completely…

    PS : enjoy the shopping tour Ray 😛

    • Yep. I love science (if written well/entertaining) non-fiction books. Right away? Oh hurry up, articles there from 2016 😉✌️ and ‘look for ideas’. The best thing about that book – u can choose which article to read (they also have *boxes*, with examples)

  2. Oh yes, my kind of post. (Except for John Grisham.) You’re such a mixture of influences, I like that about you. 😀 I like it how you throw an orgasm in there to mess with the reader. And I’d love to read this book. Maybe I’m those two people out of one. 😮

    • I think you’ll enjoy the book. I read it mostly because I don’t have knowledge in that area and I wanted to get ideas for sci-fi/fantasy/mystery stories I’m writing…
      ps. My reviews are a fiction stories some way too…:)))

  3. i feel like-sometimes-that we are all the same but different perceptions and too busy in our perceptions to notice it. i might be wring but still something to think about.

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