Book Review “You are a Badass” Jen Sincero

You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too.
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

I’d like to ask you: Are you doubting How Great You Are? Do you believe that you are living an Awesome life? What is your association with the word “Bad-Ass”? Would you like to become One?

I have a great opportunity to tell you THE TRUTH. It doesnt matter how you have answered those questions, because NOBODY CAN HELP YOU TO BECOME YOU! They can remind you (what you actually already know, from the time you were born) or show you a different roads to achieve your Awesomeness! But the secret is …it is already inside of you! And it is the most valuable gift that you’ve got from the Mother Nature, or Universe, or Energy, or God.

Ok, let’s get back to the book. I’d rate it 4 from 5 (my favourite rating, don’t you think? lol) and personally I liked this book more than “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F@ck” by Mark Manson. If you haven’t read my ‘AWESOME’ essay-review, click here later  CLICK TO READ

First of all – the “Bad-Ass” book by Jen Sincero is lacking “fukemogony” (yeah, it is my own ‘new’ word, kinda “created” after reading Mark Manson)
The second – it doesn’t fabricate a new “terms” of “Fuckologic” (forgive me, again a new word).
It is a positive, simple, with a very understandable ‘push-control-to-action’ chapters:
“I know. I did it. You can do it too’.

And of course you can! You have screwed up in the past and you’ll screw up again. Because you are a human being and you are MADE THIS WAY. And you are not alone. 7,6 billion people are with you (Lady Gaga as well). Screwed up each day in the way you can’t even imagine.

So don’t be sad, get over it and move forward.
Thats the only WAY to become a real “Bad-Ass!”

But again, let me open your eyes. We all can’t become “Jen Sinceros”. As well as we can’t become a Bad-Asses 24/7 (I’m personally wanna be a Good-Ass. Why nobody wanna write a book “Being a GoodAss”? It’s fkn unfair!). So don’t rush out of your door to push through the wall of “LET’S CREATE a new AWESOME life outta empty shells”. THINK! Read. Choose the best path to love yourself. Because everything starts from that.

There are 5 parts in this book:

1. You are in the ZOO (the world, society, media)
2.Embrace the “Bad Ass” (unconditionally)
3. Mindfulness (as always, get your meditation done!)
4.Clean Up Your Mess! (do not drown in your messy heap of shit)
5. Befriend Bill Gates or Warren Buffet (make some damn money already!)

The most important parts of the book are:

a) “Being greater than your fear”.

This is about your faith and beliefs. The moment you stop believing you pop up the bubble of crap in the air and you stop attracting the magic of life. You are like a pollution! The Force isn’t with you anymore. The Force (or Universe) is allergic to you. In general all comes down (as always), to how you perceive your Reality. Remember, FEAR is for suckers! Do not make it your daily habit!

“We tiptoe through life hoping to safely make it to death”

b) “If we really love ourselfves, everything in our life works” Louise Hay

The most horrible thing (you have to get back to this paragraph again. TOMORROW! and every day!!! I’m not kidding!) – we INVEST everything we’ve got in the belief that we are NOT good enough.
Do you see how stupid it sounds? Its like you are paying for not being good enough. You are embracing your “not-good-enough-ness” with a such a passion… it is scary.

Because it works.
It doesnt mean you have to run to the mirror, stop!
You can just write them down and think about them every morning and evening.

Thats why I’ve decided to help you and from the 1st of April I’ll introduce you to a new Page “Affirmations for the coffee table” and my new fictional character Becky All-Inclusive (female, and a doctor).

c) “Want IT bad”Remember that you are a Bad-Ass? You need to have a 10-ton gorilla of desire behind your decision. Deciding to move forward is your freedom. Be the last person standing and you’ll win!

“What? Again? Jesus Christ, fine, here you go again, now get out of my face” –
thats you, talking to all your obstacles.

d) “Money is your best friend”

When we say we want money for something, we often come from a place of “I dont have it, it doesn’t exist, so I need to create it.” This has us focusing on lack, and even attracting more lack. Get clear where you are at and get clear where you desire to be! (but do not hack Bill Gates account)

I loved also:

  • the touch of the Universe through the whole book.

If you feel very desperate – read this book. Do not expect the stars to fall on your bed tho…

There are NO stars.
There’s NO bed.
There’s no even a guide to the bed.
Jen Sincero sold it: the bed and a guide.
The stars have followed. Haha.
While you’ve been busy reading her advices.
But she left a piece of Love for you.
Because your Bad Ass will need it…today and tomorrow.

LOVE YOURSELF. Right now where you are at. With a KUNG FU grip. Thats a good start.
Jen Sincero/

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  1. I love to be a good-ass too. But does it really end with Make some money finally?? Geeez. Doesn’t that bother you? It bothers me something awful. I’m such a socialist by heart. Also, I would never read reviews of such books (or especially the book themselves) if it were not you writing them, just so you know. 😀

    • yeah, i know 🙂 gosh I read it in 1 day anyway, its kinda all the same in those books, only re-written 🙂 but still some peeps need them , and its a good “push” for those who r depressed, i hope. I’m personally think self-help books are very hilarious lol
      Not sure Good-Asses would make lots of money, but it feels awesome – to be one.
      yes, it ends with a chapter about the money. I think she’ve tried to put everything in that book: from believing in yourself, how to meditate, mindfulness and how to make money 🙂 I mean – why to buy 3 books if you can buy 1 hahaha

    • Only u know: r u bad or a good ass :))
      I don’t know, it’s kinda inspirational self-help but there’s nothing knew there..and usually depressed ppl prefer such read bcz it motivates them to move forward and pick up their poor selves from the floor…

      • haha a very, verrryyyy good one sounds like a story :))
        it feels good when we dont need such books, anyway i think “u r a badass” is very positive and can push a bit forward 🙂 but still the ideas – old same :)) so if u read my review it is enough and buy another book haha

      • no, I’d die on a stage if i have to talk to so many ppl haha
        but to write – it is a different thing :)) i can sit in my sweat pants with a tea cup and push u all outside, to d world: “go out and make the world better place! U CAN DO IT! do not wait and change it today blah blah blah” :))
        Good with meditation/pray, I’m doing my routines as well, I’ll tell later this week about it 🙂
        have a good ev, im off to zzzzz

  2. You’re so cute. I mean attractive in an adorable and fuckable sense. I can’t believe i just wrote that. You’re writing seems to invite me to be a little loser with my scruples,with no change with my self-control.

    • its fine 🙂 self-control is a good thing, stick to that :)) haha
      I’m trying to create a conversation inside of my writing 🙂 maybe thats why it seems cute 🙂

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