Book Review ‘You are a Badass at making money’, Jen Sincero

“Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right.”
Stephen Richards

Yeah, I know you want it.
I know you want it.
The Money. 

‘Every single moment offers you countless opportunities to shape your money-less reality and embrace the wealth, so please, stop bitching and moaning how hard life is and how horrible they are: the succeeding, the rich, those kicking-ass-brilliant people just on the over side of the road,’ – says Jen Sincero.

The book have been developed from the previous ‘You are badass #1’. Only this one is green. The message is similar – you are almost a Badass. Probably the Universe doesn’t see it yet, but the author sees. Jen sees you. She sees everything. Especially if there are any money in it… to grab (sorry Jen, I know you want it. I know you want it).

Let’s start.
The writing is hilarious (
as always with Jen Sincero’s or self-help books). In a way ‘I’m making money on you, by selling this book’- kinda hilarious. Very smart lady. I guess that’s why she is traveling in class while you are counting your last pennies to buy that, smelling like the old dirty socks, hotdog at the local corner of Never-Awesome Town.

“Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus,” – very famous quote of Francoise Sagan. We can’t ignore Sagan, folks. Jaguar looks much more cheerful and charming than the bus.

Let’s vote: who wanna sit in the bus and who wanna drive a Jaguar? 

Guess what.
We’ll take a Jaguar.
And screw that bus, this aint who we are!
We are unique and fantabulous badasses.
And we deserve it!
Thats what the Universe tells us on the repeat.

Enough being deaf! 

Next very important question: can you breed…a cactus from Jamaica in the Greenland? Of course you CAN!  And if your ass is really THAT Bad, then you can do anything. Uplifting message of the day. Directly from Jen and The Universe. 

Conclusion: being bad is a THING. 
Check: we are the world where is very cool to become – crazy, weird, born this or that way (it shouldn’t be the right way, thats the most important!!! What? Born the right way? Fuck off! You doesn’t belong to us, humans), bad, any ass-associations are welcome.

Yes, everybody want to become SOMEONE: preferably a rich ass. And here’s the solution: ta-ta!

How to Become a Rich Badass in 13 easy steps

Step 1. The money you desire are right here for you (coordinates of ‘HERE’ are in a sheet at the end of the book) 
Step 2. Why you ain’t the prince yet? How freaking torturous is that: to know that each day your bank account is suckin’ serious financial butt.
Step 3. The Universe is busy with the deliver. But it is on the way! All the riches you desire will arrive in noooooo time. Just as a local pizza.
Step 4. Practical. Write the letter to Money (a positive one, kiss the cash you’ve got at home, so they’ll kiss you fkn back one day soon); every morning and evening mediate about the money. Use the Money-Mantra, written for you by New-World-guru Jen Sincero.
Step 5. The Heart on Mission. Mission is Possible if you’ll hire Jen Sincero as your personal coach. She knows where the money are hiding (step 1).

Ok, I’m done. There are 8 more steps (chapters) in the book, but if you wanna become a successful ass and not only a bad one – that’s a totally different banana-deal. 

What is ‘banana-deal’?
I won’t tell you.
But I hope it sounds scary.
Just put it in the same sentence with a badass.

If you are scared – you are doing something wrong! Because BadAssery comes to those who takes risks! So go and take it! Lol 

My rate is 3,5 or I wouldn’t buy this book again – but because I can – I’ve bought it – I read 70% of it – it made me smile – who the fk care how helpful is it? – because it is Not – or maybe – mmm, 30%?

P. S. The thing is, if you really need or you are looking for help, the first thing I’d advice you to do: take a look at your lifestyle and the food you are eating. Thats the first step you have to make if you are feeling unwell, depressed, irritated, down, low, passive. Then – Jen’s book. And of course, the money!

Next post – Psycho-Logical Tale ‘Focus’ 

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    • 🙈 right 🙂 but that’s how she makes money, by “caring” 🙂 she’s a life-coach. She is ‘teaching’ ppl how to make money and live happy ever after…

  1. Completely agree with Francoise Sagan’s quote. And, great book review. It’s so interesting to read that I was reading it over and over again.😁

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