Book Review “The Treatment” C.L.Taylor, young adult fiction

“Without knowing the cause of illness,
any treatment must be considered a guess.”
Richard Diaz

I don’t read young adult fiction often, the last one was Harry Potter. I always feel a little bit bored after a couple of chapters. Getting old. 

“What a stupid lil creatures!” thinks one part of me.
“What an awesome hero! I’d love to be like her/him,”- think the second part of me.
What’s the third part of me doing? Ahhhh, continue reading.

“The Treatment” is the book about a broken family: 1 dad (he is dead), 1 mom (she is re-married with a “stronger version of the previous dad”. Why moms are always such a bitches in the books?), and 2 kids, they are:

a) the girl (16yo) with a boyish name “Drew”, calm, no friends, smart, deep, deeeeeep in her heart she believes she is the HULK.

b) the boy, Mason, who is Mr. Big Trouble in our story: a disruptive brother, expelled from the school for the 3d time. A step-dad insist to send him away to the special place for a “difficult kids” (called Reform Academy in the book. Aha, when next time your parents are going to talk about sending you away to the ‘Academy’ – throw d book right at them!)

The plot is simple like 5 cents: the boy is contacting his sister with a help of a professor/or doctor. A doctor is killed right in front of our girl, Drew. Ouch! Almost like a thriller!? The message from Mason is clear – ‘Academy’ is brainwashing the kids ! Soon, very soon Mason will be transformed into a ‘Walking-Yes-Dad-Of-Course-Mom-Robot” (the dream of any parent?). 

What would you do?

The Way: Our smart Drew is punching the girl (former friend lol) who’s bullying her each day at the school, plus she’s also punching the school rector. Why not? Haha. Let’s use the moment to the fullest! Drew The Hulk – a kick-ass-kung-fu-chick! That would be a story!!!


BUT C. L. Taylor said “NO” to that action, so let’s get back to her idea: 

Bad kids —>Academy—> Treatment = Good kids

Looks easy, especially with the guards who called ‘friends’. Funny, isn’t it? Just imagine:

“Friend, would you be so kind to tie my hands up before I’ll bite off your ear.
What? I just love the ears. With a mayonnaise, please,”- said Drew to the “guard”.

Ok, I lied.
About the ears.
But still… the guards = “friends” in the book. Hilarious! We have to add the new meaning to the dictionary now!

What I loved the most:

1. the opening of the book: the bullying scene is so familiar to the kids nowadays (sadly).
2. the character: Drew is a Hulk! Believe me!


3. Drew’s friend, a girl called ‘Mouse’. Drew met her at the Academy. They shared a dorm together. 
4. the brainwashing methods.

What I didn’t like at all:

1. dad is kinda died in the beginning of the book, but then Drew found him lurking in the dark rooms of the Academy. Aha, was that the plan from the beginning? At first they would brainwash a dad, then the kids..?
What about the mom? She doesnt need any brainwashing, she’s busy with her new-dildo-husband.

2. the end. I dont know why, but after chapter 27-30 I’ve got bored, because I knew what’s going to happen at the end already. It was a happy-ending-book. And nobody died. Eh, that leaves me unhappy some way. Probably I’m tooooo grown up for a young adult books.
3. too much running around, different rooms, stairs, halls, ouch, like a marathon!
4. 16yo and no love-sex story? Hmmmm.

I’d rate 4 from 5.


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I think if I’d be a child 12-14yo I’d like to read this book. Easy style, nicely build, cute heroes.

“Instead of treating your child like how you were treated. Treat them with the same love and attention you wanted from your parents while growing up.”
J. A. Burkett

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  1. The way you felt about the end of this book is the way I felt about 2012. And Independence Day. And the sequel.

    I’m going assume yoiur review of the book is vastly more entertaining than the book itself. 🙂 Nice.

    • It’s a fictional review 🙂 kind of…I always give 3 or 4 to the book, but that means I’d never read them again. Once is enough.
      I’m too kind with ratings and numbers I know :))

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