Book review: “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F@ck (Mark Manson) 15+

“The earth makes a sound as of sighs and the last drops fall from the emptied cloudless sky. A small boy, stretching out his hands and looking up at the blue sky, asked his mother how such a thing was possible. Fuck off, she said.”

Usually I don’t read “self-help” books, because often it’s a bunch of the pages with a total bullshit. But I’m a huge fan of non-fiction so I’ve decided to give it a try…Why not? Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about the Giving-Fucks-Art and become a professional artist in the field of the Fucks-Never-Given. What an amazing area for the development, don’t you think?

1.The best thing about the book – the chapter 1 (pages 1-3, to be exactly). Yes. Only pages 1 2 3!
Maybe I’m wrong about EVERYTHING, as Mark suggested in the Chapter 6, but go ahead, peeps, correct me or send some fucks my way. I’m planning to collect them for the next Mark Manson’s book “The Happy Side of the Fuck or How to Become Rich in 200 milliseconds.”

2.The funniest thing about this non-fiction  – Mark truly believes that the key to Success is Not Giving and Not Having Any Fucks at all. EVER!

Zero fucks in your pockets? = Successful YOU!
Easy? Yep.

The author even claims he knows HOW to save the world (probably the guy should be the next president of US or maybe all united world-countries?) There’s a small pinch of the real philosophy about “the fucked up world” and “accepting all fucks given your way”, because…ok, here you just stop whatever you are doing and listen carefully: “it’s always been that way, and always will be.” OMG! What a surprise!!! Do you feel one more step closer to the unveiling of the universal truth or finding a ‘better-you’?

3.The worse thing about the book – you are getting lost, in the forest of fucks (you aren’t sure if they are really given or not, how personal they are and where Mark grows them, because it’s tooooo many of them, impossible to found any conscious sentence/or a place to hide them. Eh!) Ok..ok, maybe he’s too happy to share his Fucks with us, right? I’m whole-heartedly accepting that.

4.The pages 12-15 are exceptional. Mark is simply forgetting what the book is about. He want burritos. Bring it on! Are we invited?

5.I didn’t like the story of the Buddha. Do you really have to write almost 4 mysterious pages about the guy everybody knows?

6.The sad thing about the book – that people want to read (willing to pay the money) for the self-help overloaded with ‘the fucks’. The word itself became so NORM, its scary.

7.The smartest thing about the book – the theory that FUCKs actually has a consciousness. Just think about it. Its a new kick for the science.

“The Quantum Theory of The Conscious Fucks”, 1 January 2018, seminar.
Mark Manson will share his views. Don’t miss it!

8. The positive thing about the book – if you are sitting in the deep-deep shit, then probably the only way to get out is to read this book.

9. A sweet touch – about the russians and the explanation why they never smile (it’s easy, we DON’T KNOW you to smile at you and what’s the point to comfort someone you don’t know lol).

At the end Mark is trying to be lyrical. It was a difficult journey through all the pages but he made it. He is still Alive. In South Africa! Wanna join? It’s easy – the journey of the thousands miles begins with a simple fuck-not-given. #LaoTzu

I’d advice to read the book tho if you are 18-25 yo. The older you are the less fucks you’ll give about the fucks given in that book, so don’t waste your time.

Go buy a cappuccino instead…and a cake!

P.S. I know, its always easy to criticize… But if you had a fun reading my review – go grab a book, fella, to disagree with me! Why are you still standing here? Haha

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