Book Review “The King of FU”, Benjamin Davis (illustration Nikita Klimov)

“Life is like a colonoscopy,” claims the author of the book ‘The King of FU’.

What happens during colonoscopy, and how to prepare for the sacred action, are the main themes of this magical poem about the Kingdom in which we all live. It seems that Benjamin knows exactly what he is talking about. And Ray loves that.

The honesty
The openness
The sincerity

Two testicles + two hands + two horns = the imitation of birth. The hero of the book is on a journey: from infant to adult. The first important discovery starts with his genitals, continues with trust and ends up with death.

What is your journey about?
Nope… Ray is not ready for THAT.

Let’s get back to the book. The journey without hairy nibbles and hot tits sucks, that’s why our author invented the Kingdom of FU. Why not? It’s very easy to rule… because there’s only one LAW there:

FDem before they FU in your own Kingdom!

Transcription by Ray: Life is a huge tube inserted through your rectum and directed to the other open end, until you can’t breathe…


God help me. I don’t know where to start. 
A red-headed-mutant, all letters of the alphabet, bad eggs, good eggs on the way to becoming ‘nasty omelettes’, tied-up-to-the chair neighbours and… Roger.

About Roger.
He’s dead.

Why? My guess…the author used TOO long, or TOO flexible colonoscope (tubular instrument about 35-inch in diameter). A poor squirrel would never survive. Sigh. 

Instructions on how to name a dead squirrel are attached to the book too. Or, let’s say, when to name it. “The moment of death is the most appropriate time. Name changes are not allowed!” announcing the author of FU. 

Goodbye Roger!
At least you escaped prostate cancer.

Ray also liked “The Ode to Mom”. A LOT. 

Was a creature of FU
She used magic
To suck out your pain
Through your eyes
So I ran

“Run, Benjamin, run!” said Doctor, while blowing the air into Ben’s tired colon, which expanded it and helped the doctor see THINGS more clearly… Especially the fate of Maggie and her bloody bones on the road! A pitch of horror is a part of FU-kingdom (approved by Stephen King).

From middle school to blogging, from the fucks left, right, up, down to getting stoned with a new friend called… what’s his name again? ‘Biopsy’?


Genre: poetic memoir.
Writing style: cryptic, fresh, hilarious, dark humor, abstract (the sentences remind the strokes on abstract paintings) = very stylish.
Illustrations: make this book stand out. I love black and white. And nope – there’re no nude pictures. Maybe next time, folks.

Rating: 4,5 (a work of art = great read).

“Realistic and magical” united!

Link to the book – The King of FU

I got the book through my FB page (God knows when… long ago).

Female demons of Ancient Japan


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  1. Tom Darby says:

    Death is a painful subject, but colonoscopies…what a pain in the ass!

  2. Mireya says:

    interstng but ok

  3. Anonymous says: