Book Review ‘The Kind Worth Killing’, Peter Swanson 

“Everyone dies. What difference does it make if a few bad apples get pushed along a little sooner than God intended?”
Peter Swanson, The Kind Worth Killing 

I read this book in Swedish (1 day read).

Rate: I’d buy it again, why not? It is fascinating to read about different psychos or maniacs who looks totally like a normal people. 

Short synopsis:

On a night flight from London to Boston, Ted meets the stunning and mysterious stranger – Lily. Sharing one too many martinis at the bar (airport), the strangers begin to play a game of truth, revealing very intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his marriage that’s going stale and his wife Miranda, who he’s sure is cheating on him.

Their game turns a little darker when Ted jokes that he could kill Miranda for what she’s done. Lily says calmly: “I’d like to help.” After all, some people are the kind worth killing…


1. Do you wanna end up in the crime book as a murderer or a victim? Both?
Because …this is exactly what gonna happen if you won’t listen to your mother who have told you a thousands of times – never talk to strangers!

Let’s move on, because we don’t know a shit about Ted’s mother. She ain’t in the picture. Hm, probably already dead too. It wouldn’t surprise me. Not at all. Lily is the killer-machine. 

2. In general, the book ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ is about death, two psychos, relationships, the first love, the philosophy of murder, money…lots of them. Also about power, fear, sex, beauty, the existence and its reasons. 

3. If you read the synopsis above – you can imagine what’s gonna happen. So let’s focus on the most (main) important questions of this book: 

Why rich women want tall men?
Who is the real idiot: Lily, Ted or You?
How to 
become the real murderer and how to develop a career in this field?
Where to start? The pros and cons. 
(already got CV? Wow! Go ahead, send it to Peter Swanson)

How to kill your first love?
How to kill the male-cat who want to fuck your female-cat?
(step-by-step instructions are attached to the book)
Do you think your existence is a burden for the Earth?
(consider that it is probably a ‘good’ thing if you’ll disappear permanently)

How many ways to kill do you know?
How to build a good relationships with your victim?
Scared of the ageing? Lily knows the way to stop it.
And the most important question is … – 
How to decide who is worth killing and who is not?

And please, please, do not end up like Chet! (who is Chet? too looooong story) I know, you are very artistic soul, but if you’ll follow his footsteps – the future will be no brighter than the bottom of the abandoned well (for the next 15 years… or more).
And who knows if we’ll ever find your remains. Sigh.

Ahhh, forget! Do not fear! Because Lily kills ONLY if you are worth it. A lot. In her eyes. 

“I always say that two murders are too many, and three is not enough.”

The story (protagonist) reminds me some way the girl from the book ‘Alex’. Remember this review? – Book Review ‘Alex’, Pierre Lamaitre


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  1. I love your reviews. They have humor and insight as well as obscure details that make the book one your reader wants to read. (The cat story for example)

  2. Ray, I am not your typical ‘book’ reader! However, after your review it will be # 1 on my shopping list! Thank you for such an outstanding review!!

  3. This one’s more of a selling strategy for this novel and you should be commissioned by Peter Swanson😂 Great review 👍🏼

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