Book Review ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’, James Runcie

“But I’m not guilty,” said K. “There’s been a mistake. How is it even possible for someone to be guilty? We’re all human beings here, one like the other.” “That is true” – said the priest – “but that is how the guilty speak.” Kafka 

I love priests…because I always imagine that they are smart, lonely, cute and up for an adventure (to walk long walks?).
I love priests….because I watched the movie with Rowan Atkinson ‘Keeping Mum’ and I fell in love with him once again, sigh. He was sooooo sweet and shy – it really touched my heart.
I love priests…because they looks like a picture of a sad broken angel, who still truly believes that ‘Valentine’ exist.
I love priests, but I’ve noticed the longer the beard – the more difficult to communicate. Kinda: ‘I’m on the way to God, and where’s your beard???’

As you understand, when Ray sees a crime book about a hot Mr Priest he can’t just pass by and ‘simply continue living his lazy boring Not-Bradbury-Yet-Life’. He has to stop. He has to buy it. (also this book was only 8 kr = under 1 dollar!)

I’ve found out there’s a tv-show based on the book. Sweet hell! I have to watch it, but with my studying I’m saying bye-bye to all tv-shows and books (at least this month).

The hero:
Mr Sidney. Almost Australian. Hot blonde, tall, drunk and with tats?  


The greatest Sidney’s qualities:

  • he knows the best kind of whiskey
  • he can visit girls even after midnight 
  • he does play dirty when he has too
  • he is lying, he is drinking, he is jerkin’ off, he is catching the bad guys 

OMG, Sidney the Holy Chambers, the God of All Priests,
Please, visit my city in a flesh and blood, so we can hang out and …mmmm, pray??

The plot: 
Lonely English priest with a big sexual appetite and the huge desire for adventures (add lots of free time) is starting ‘investigating business’ and working only on the most dangerous criminal cases in his small 75-peeps-village.
Where can you find him? At the local bar. That’s the place all priests love…

The style/tone of the book:
Idyllic, slow-paced, simple, a bit boring, but with a touch of sarcasm. 

The language:
Relaxing. Not a Kafka yet, but on the way. 

The idea:
Priest CAN do it too!

My rate is 3 on Goodreads.
Do not hate me, Sidney… I promise to watch the tv show! 😂
x x x

What I’m doing right now?

Learning Hiragana and Katakana (it is kinda a Japanese alphabet) = 46 + 46 = 92 very weird letters/sounds. So far I know 30. I learn 15 a day. And today I’ll learn 16 (last in Hiragana), because I’d like to start Katakana tomorrow. 

I have a whole month ahead to focus on Japanese, because my next language-course…ta – ta, attention! It will be Portuguese 🤪😱. I wanted to go to Spanish class as you remember, but it was full or already had started, blah-blah…so I decided – fk, whatever, Portuguese is Fun TOO! Maybe I’ll move to Porto, a lot of swedish does. Lower taxes lol

Ahhh, dream on, Ray!
Dream on! 💃💃

Next week expect a lot of Japanese challenges and posts: 

  • #coolprompts ‘Danjyo Kankei’ – relations between men and women 
  • Writing Challenge ‘Shinrin Yoku’ 
  • Book Review ‘The Japanese Mind’, Roger J. Davies, Osami Ikeno
  • My Memory Jar – theme #studying 

Stay happy! Have a great week ahead!
Leaving you in a good hands…

Next post – Writing Challenge ‘Shinrin Yoku’ 

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  1. … Who DOESN’T love Rowan Atkinson?! 💖💖
    A priest with a huge sexual appetite, eh?…. Definitely sounds like an interesting one!! (… Trying not to make jokes about little boys… Come on, Nicole… Stay appropriate, for once…)

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