Book Review ‘Ripples on the pond’, Sebnem E. Sanders

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“A story is a letter that the author writes to himself, to tell himself things that he would be unable to discover otherwise.” Carlos Ruiz Zafron

Sebnem E. Sanders… tells the story to you, or – stories – where the plot changes direction all the time, the heroes expands the surfaces of the real world and all that, in turn, transforms YOU. 

Here’s the blog of the author – Sebnem Sanders
But it was one of my followers, Jeanne, who introduced me to this book. 

‘Ripples on the pond’ is the collection of 71 short stories, which portray war, love, hate, greed, betrayal, future and much more. I guess the name of the book is reflecting to ‘the ripples’ we are making in our everyday’s Pond called Earth. 


71 stories – is way too much to share on my blog, that’s why I’ve picked only a couple to analyze:

Story 1
Virtual affair 

I don’t know why, but it reminded me a little bit about Ortenzia mostly because of her ‘travelling husband’.
The story: Emilia is bored because her husband John is never at home, unless it is Sunday. Then he’s busy with watching …movies and Playboy? (who knows what else the dude is watching). Emilia is starting blogging and writing career. She is making a lot of friends online: bloggers with Xxx and Yyy names.


Yeaasss, Emilia. They ARE!


That’s what we are going to find out in this story. And plus: 

  • how easy it is: to slip off from ‘Hey’ to ‘My love’;
  • how quickly the real world changes to a virtual one;
  • what kind of the affair is ‘more forgivable’: online or real?
  • how to overcome the addiction to selfies?

…poor Emilia. A virtual life is called SO for a reason, people.

Story 2.
Santa Claws 

I didn’t get the ending. I actually had a lot of the problems with endings of the stories. They kinda left me hanging with  ‘What’s next?’ question…

The story: Meet Paul. Not the saint though. Once upon a time he was a very rich dude, but now – his life is stripped bare: no house, no wife, no bank account, no job, noooo-nothing.

Say ‘Hello’ to PAUL!
Buy him a coffee 😂  

One coffee for Paul! One coffee for Paul!

All he got – is the watch (expensive kind) and the car. By selling his watch he’s able to visit the bar – to get drunk. The destiny is awaiting him there in the form of Lady X, who is MADLY rich. 

No. He didn’t kill her. And he didn’t marry her.
What is wrong with you, PAUL???

Hm. She invited Paul to her mansion and they spent hours talking about the paintings on the walls of that huge house. Maybe Paul is a thief and going to steal those paintings? 

If so – then why the title of the story is ‘Santa Claws’?
Maybe our Santa makes money during the summer by painting the nice landscapes? Haha
Then I’ve found out…there’s a movie /from 1966/ called ‘Santa Claws’. A horror! I never seen the movie, that’s why I couldn’t understand the ending. Who is Lady X: a stalker or the killer?

Story 3
The Naked Street Lamp

Very very very sad. It actually made me cry, but only because I can relate. As I know, my father died that horrible way as well. And he IS the hero in this Lamp-story. 

Story 4
Aurora Australis, 2115 

The genre: sci-fi
The scary detail: the end of the world is near – 2050. Are you ready? Pack your bags – we are going to Australia!
The funny details: there’s only 1 language, called Earthlish; it is forbidden to talk in the past time; paper books are rare and fragile and have to be kept in the museums only.
The heroes:
13yo girl with a high IQ and EQ
The authority – Mr Writer
Refugees… yeah, more than ever!
The idea: Live in the moment and dream about the future.

As I know, ‘Ripples on the Pond’ is a debut book of the author and I think it is really well written 👍 ✅ . One story a day before the bed will make you definitely ‘happier’ and ‘smarter’.

Rate: 4 or I’d buy it again. I love the melancholic touch and the mystical realism of this book. Go – go – go, grab it!


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