Book Review Policy

I’m accepting books only from indie authors.
Only books from 0,99 to 2,99 (or free). 

I read all genres, but my personal favorites are humor, comedy, absurd, crime, thriller (any life drama), sci-fi, mystery, non-fiction, poetry, dystopia/utopia, urban fantasy. 

I don’t take any fee or payment, and I read only in my free time. So, please, be patient…

I can spotlight some books on my blog (if I really liked them and if I have time to write the post). If I’ll do so – I’ll post a review on my blog that includes the cover of the book, synopsis, review, and Goodreads/authors website/Amazon links.  

Please, include the following in your email: 

  • Title of the book/author
  • Link to Goodreads/or Amazon
  • Genre
  • Series (if any)
  • Page count

Books submitted without this information will be automatically rejected. I post my reviews as verified on Amazon. I also can post it on Goodreads, or any other site.

Send your info about the book here: