Book Review ‘Need to know’, Karen Cleveland

“Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there.”
Z. Z. LaFourch

That’s all you need to know…about the hard-working Russian spies. They are everywhere and Karen Cleveland had proved it to us one more time – ‘one kid – he is a stranger; two – is a coincidence; three – trust is broken, four kids – he is a spy.’

Short synopsis:
Vivian and Matt are married for ten years. Four children. She think she know her husband better than anyone. But she is wrong…

The problem arises – ‘How well do you know your husband?’ Take a QUIZ to find out – 21 questions

I guess, thriller. But I’m not sure. More like a romance mixed with tension and dilemma. Also I’d place it in the folder -> ‘good copycat of ‘Gone girl’. 

Heroes and plot:
There’re 5 main heroes and everything revolves around them.

Wife aka Naive Heart
Husband aka Best Sperm In Test-Spy
Friend aka Weak Chain
Russian Agent aka Do Not Mess With Us
The Boss aka The God-Father

The plot is very simple. Vivian is a CIA counter-intelligence analyst. She is working with uncovering a network of Russian sleeper agents in USA. She is discovering the photo of her husband, Matt, in one of the files from the computer of Russian agent Yuri. Sounds intriguing? Oh boy. Thats all about it. The rest of the book are her ‘cries + mixed memories’ about HOW had it happen and WHAT to do. 

I understand why she is crying. Four kids doesn’t fall from the sky or happen in one day. Her husband Matt worked out a lot in the bedroom. And Vivian as well. We can’t blame only Matt …if he hadn’t stopped her – we’d deal with 6 or 8 kids in this book. 

Seems our Vivian is a bit unusual CIA analyst – she is hot as hell 👀💃1At least thats how I’d like to imagine her. But maybe it wasn’t so important for the real DIE-HARD Russian Spy. It’s all the matter of the job and an ideology. He’d definitely made more kids if he had to… Sigh 🧐😱😬

Writing style: My personal opinion – none. If I’d read this book without the title or the name of author on the book I’d never guess who has written it: male or female. The story lacks the personal touch. It’s well polished, but without any style at all.

I remember one girl (while working as teacher), Sofia. She was a very good student: well written texts without gram mistakes. You are reading and everything feels smooth, effortless, fluid, almost tranquil, and most important – ‘right’, but you can’t tell what it is really about. You do not feel anything. 

Nice touch:

  • the quote of Oscar Wilde

When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. 

Didn’t like: narrative voice

Predictability: 90%
Chill in d spine: 10%. If you are looking for suspension or the surprise in your ‘reading-too-much-always-on-the-road-to-find-something-new’ bones – do NOT stop by and continue walking…

Short haiku from Ray about the book:

Love is this –
Russian sperm, the best grip
For American wives. 

Funny review at the end of the book:

Heart-poundingly suspenseful and heart-wrenchingly insightful’, J. P. Delaney

Rate: I wanted to drop the book after reading 80-100 pages, but I decided to finish it.

x x x 

“What is the typical spy? To start with, they think that they are on a mission to save the world. The worlds of Matt Damon and Daniel Craig are slick, fast-paced and sexy. Their suits never crinkle, women always say yes, and their cars shoot missiles. Real-life spy sagas unfold with far less panache. Overseas research has shown intelligence agents at the CIA to be often college graduates with low-value degrees; they are outsiders or loners, they have family or friends in the intelligence or armed services, they can’t work with money and love firearms. Much of a spy’s work these days is sifting through data.” Jacques Pauw there-are-spies-among-us-588-e1279292980449

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