Book Review, Mariette Lindstein ‘The white tomb’

I read the book in swedish and there’s no english translation (yet), but I know that the books of this author are translated in english.

Short synopsis:
Alex and Dani are twins and inseparable since their parents abandoned them. On the usual midsummer night, at the age of 22, Dani disappears without a trace. The police and  Alex are looking for her for months without any clue.
Alex gets a nervous breakdown and spends almost the whole month at the clinic. When she released, all she can think about is: ‘how to find her sister.’
Alex takes a job at the mythical dating firm ‘Ash & Coal’. She meets the successful and attractive psychologist Carl Asher, who is the owner of the company as well. Strange things happens with her. Why does she feel Dani’s presence in a special room at the company? Who is the one who leaves mysterious messages in her apartment?

Book Review

‘The white tomb’ (my own translation of the title) is a thriller about sects with the invisible networks all over the world, powerlessness and manipulation – and also about the siblings-love that stronger than anything.

Do not forget about sex. Yes, you heard it right. And I mean Kinky Sex. Are you ready for that? Then let’s roooolllll…..

There’re 2 story-lines:
– the story told by Dani (who disappeared on the summer night)
– the story of Alex (who is absolutely devastated, broken and alone)

Those two are very different. Guess who have been abducted? Of course the NICE sister – Dani. Nobody wanna kill the bad ones. The world is unfair place, always remember that. So if you are on the good side – think twice, because you never know what is waiting behind that bush near your house.

Anyway, chill. They didn’t kill Dani (by they* I mean the organisation behind the abduction). She have been chosen from 3,5 milliards of women. For what exactly? Oh God, guys… – for Kinky Sex, of course!

‘So what’s the matter?’ – you are going to ask, because you are a total freak who is into dirty kinky sex, but pretending you are a white fluffy dandelion who doesn’t care about sex at all. Sweeeettt.
The matter is that she is a NICE girl. And it was WAY TOO KINKY for her liking. But ‘where is the border?’ you’d ask. Wait for it.

Example from the book:

Dani spend almost 3 month in the white room, in some kind of the tomb under the church. She is hunted by bunch of the powerful men in the swedish forest, time to time (like an animal, with her hands tied behind the back). She also got a chip in printed in her hand so even if she’d be a world-champ-running-machine, she’d never get away from them.
She’s taking bath every day, her hair are brushed by 2 men, called ‘Shark’ and ‘The Master’. She has the right amount of the food to eat every day. She is also regularly inspected by the bird called ‘Peregrine’. And I fuckin’ mean it! The bird was literally jumping on her breast, stomach and she even spend the nights with him (or her?).

Remark: The peregrine – is the fastest member in the animal kingdom. He is renowned for its speed, reaching over 320 km/h (200 mph) during its characteristic hunting stoop…

How sick is that???

God! Almost forgot. They have pierced her breasts too. In a most Kinky way possible. Oh, and of course, how many are involved in the ritual? 10 men…or more.

THIS IS NOT FUN for Dani: a smart nice girl who wanted to become a doctor!

Interesting thought from the book:

Wanna make money? Start a new religion.

Alex in that moment (when her sister is preparing for the mysterious sick ritual at the church) is busy seducing her employer Carl Asher in the white room on the white bed with no dick attached. Seriously. He doesn’t need one. He can make girls scream by his hands. Ok. One hand only.
Ahhh. She’d screw anyone. That’s how Alex rules! ‘Kinky’ is her middle name. Still…not THAT Kinky as the men from the mysterious religious sect called ‘Guardians’.

Interesting thought from the book:

The role of women in the society is to SUBMIT to everything men says.

So you think you know who is the bad guy? Gosh. You are so stupid. Did you forget about Jim? Who is Jim? Too nice (mediocre sex, as Alex tells us), too gallant, too serious, too caring. Just TOO-much guy! Be careful with those lol

Jim met Alex at the clinic (in the hall, almost at the door, she kinda bumped into that Mr Kindness) and after that he never let her go…
Mmmm, my guess he is even more Kinky than those Kinky guys I’ve described above. But I can’t tell you all the secrets – you have to find out by yourself. 

Interesting thought from the book:

Carl Asher wrote the book where he stated that sex is = 6 minutes from foreplay to intercourse + 5 minutes from intercourse to orgasm.

Do you have anything to add, my Kinky Readers?

At the end I’d like to share with you my worries… I feel we are surrounded by the closed elite-group of ‘Guardians’. It is impossible to know who is the member. Only the members knows they are the members. The sect doesn’t have any name, address or the list of their associates. So be careful when partying late. Never walk alone after 9pm!

About the author: I didn’t know anything about the author, I’ve picked the book by the synopsis and the cover. But I’ve found out she was the member of the Scientology Church during 25 years. She ran away 2004. Now she is full time writer. She is often writing about the religion and sects.

Rate: I don’t know, folks… it was ok. I wouldn’t buy it again tho. 

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Where’s our ‘Guardian’ Kinky group??


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  1. I remember when my breasts got pierced… what a day that was! Here’s some advice on the matter: Never let your toddler do it. They SAY that they know what they are doing, but they really don’t. I recommend a sleazy tattoo parlor for the piercing… But, I’m partial to hepatitis…

  2. White Room was a 1968 song by Cream. It is a room in an apartment where Pete Brown the composer of the lyrics for this song was living. This song is about depression and hopelessness.

    • Who knows…maybe it will be English translation (the book is new, 2018).
      Oh and there are so many ‘Kinky’ ppl out there – maybe the book is a warning :)) 😂👋

  3. Sounds like I’ll have to read this book. Anything with kinky sex draws me like moth to a flame. Yes, I often get burned. Oh, and BTW, Carl Asher was too late. You wrote: … = 6 minutes from foreplay to intercourse + 5 minutes from intercourse to orgasm…Well, Paulo Coehlo beat him to this observation when he wrote the book “”11 minutes.” That’s exactly what this book is about, and he says, in a nutshell, all humanities motivation revolves around those 6 minutes + 5 minutes…yes, it’s a hot book! BTW again, love your blog.

    • You see, nothing is original “sigh” 🙂 I’m sure the author read Coehlo’s book lol and created her hero based on 11-min-story 😉
      Kinky is fun to read…always!
      But I don’t know the book was a slow read… too little magic* & mystery, and too much broken silly girls.

      • “There is nothing new under the sun…” That’s true, but it’s not true for me, personally. The process of discovering begins with each new birth. Just sayin’

    • lol 😂 no need to read the book, right? 🙂 but still there’re a lot of moments. why the heck her employer, for example, has the white room (looks just the white tomb) …kinda, everybody is involved 🙈😱

  4. You know, it always happens like that. The Norn weave a fate that doesn’t fit. That’s just mean. Alex ends up with a dickless boss and Dani gets totally dicked. Since they were twins, it was likely a case of mistaken identity and Alex got cheated out of her dream job.

    • Yep, I know. You add fire to your reviews and that´s fun. And btw it was 5 minutes from foreplay to penetration. 6 minutes to orgasm. And he did not mean for the woman. All joking aside, I was in a cult for 25 years and what happened there was no vanilla, no no. Much worse than what happens in my novels. But who are you Ray? How come you read books in Swedish? Do you live here in Sweden or abroad? Curious.

      • I don’t know much about it (5 or 6) so I could mix it up 😂 I know he didn’t mean for “the woman” haha
        I prefer to read and write in English bcz I type much more quickly in English than in Swedish. Also English books helps in blogging (internationally) :), live in Västerås as i said. Btw I visited Scientology in LONDON (I like visit diff kind of religious groups) when traveling…mmm, it was very American. So I left 🙂 by American means “movies” & explanation like for stupid – ON REPEAT -…no thanks.
        I read that you was a member very long time. It’s difficult to cut off everything and leave…

      • Scientology is the cult of greed and abuse. In the end it was hard to break free because we were literally prisoners behind an electrical fence. But I am free, I am writing and life is good!!😊😊😊
        I am sure we will meet some time.
        Xx Mariette

      • Yes, the best attitude. The Cult on Fog Island will be released on 19th of jan. If you promise to call it cult in the review I will send you a recex ahead of time. Wishing you a happy Sunday as well❤

      • Damn! On the way back from Stockholm where i did PR tour totally unaware that you lived so close. Next time… And for translations, who cares? Next time well get the title, cult and absolutely the vanilla part right.

      • Next time, anyway if any lecture or seminar in Sthlm or around – I’d be happy to visit 🙂 and thank you!
        Sure, next time it will be absolute vanilla 🙂 no doubt haha

  5. After whetting my appetite to dip my toes in the world of kinky, you say you wouldn’t buy it again!🙄
    Oh shoot! I won’t wait for the English translation then and revert to my straight thoughts. 😀

    • Mmmm, I spend 11 days on this book and then I went to the store, bought another book & read it in 1 day. Lol 😂
      So I guess this is just not my kind of the story (but I do understand, people think sometimes that I’m Odd & Kinky. Sigh. I am NOT 😂) …it was a slow read, like a honey – viscous. So don’t wait for any translation- have fun with your thoughts 💭 😉👋

    • I actually thought you meant the sex between Carl and Alex. Pure vanilla right? Well, in my opinion the cult members are more breeding than kinkiness, but who knows. Cult on Fog Island is inspired by my own years as a cult member. And more of White Crypt than one might think… I love that you wrote about the peregrine. A living missile.

      • Pure vanilla? mmmmaybe yes. But I had to add a bit more “fire”, to entertain people 🙂
        – Vanilla is a new Kinky.
        I don’t know about cult much, so I have to study it, through the books 🙂 but I do understand that some moments or details r very real, even if “crazy-real”…
        the peregrine was an awesome detail

      • PS: From the snooty author. It is called Crypt. A thomb is a grave. And cult in English not sect. So you are Swedish after all. Haha. Gotcha!😊

      • it’s difficult with translation lol I also not so familiar with cult or sects but I love everything about religion or philosophy. I was born in Moscow btw, but I lived in small cities of Belarus also and in central Russia (Volga river) when I was younger. I’m living in Sweden only 11 years 🙂

  6. i do not know you Ray, but I have never read such a hilarious review in my whole life. Sadly it had to be hidden from Goodreads because of all the spoilers. Thank god for that, but still. It was funny. Kinky sex? It´s pure vanilla sex all the way through. Don´t give my future english speaking readers false hopes. xx Mariette PS: My first book in english will be released 19th of Jan 2019. it is called. The Cult on Fog Island.

    • Thank you a lot 😄 Glad if it made u smile. I’m writing for fun, so yeah, “spoilers” all the way, but still – a review 🙂
      pure vanilla? Maybe. I’d add word “horrific” to that flavor.
      Def ppl will enjoy it in English version ✌️

    • I’ll mention it tomorrow, in my post. Bcz I told to some of my followers that “The Cult on Fog” have been released already in English 😅 🙂

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