Book Review “Hot Milk” Deborah Levy

“The real world is where the monsters are,” – said Rick Riordan.

What would we do without them? How would all the beauty and goodness of the world survive without Evil who’s trying to encourage us to become a better version of what we are? Or maybe all that is just the matter of semantics? Humans, Monsters, Goodness, Villains… We carry them inside everywhere we go. And pushing forward the one who (we hope) would solve the best the problems we are facing.

The hero of the story is a cute greek-english woman, Sofia, (26+) who’s arriving to Spain (Almeria), accompanying Rose, her mother (who’s very ill, can’t walk) to a doctor. The matter: to get the best last treatment in the famous clinic and find out why Rose can’t walk. Nice and simple plot!

So who is the monster? – you wonder…

There’re 4 story-lines:

1) The mother. Rose is a selfish hypochondriac and let’s say out loud – a liar, who is keeping her daughter near the skirt 24/7. She’s unhappy about everything, even the water. The RIGHT KIND OF WATER DOESN’T EXIST on this Earth! Wondering what are you drinking? Ask Rose. She knows!
2) Gomez and his clinic. Doctor Gomez is a very comical character who prefer to spend his time with a cat or hang out with his patients, eating…He’s a good looking, but weird kinda guy, living in his own world.

3) The love – story. Our poor Sofia is meeting a German chick, called Ingrid, who’s kissing her right away = the minute they met. Kiss-nudity-sex-regrets-and-sex-again follows that action. “Her life is a sort of life I want,” – thinking Sofia about Ingrid. Why? Because she doesn’t have one…She’s anthropologist who’s working as a waitress, who failed the driving test 4 times, who is the Miss-Running legs for her mother.
Yeah, don’t forget, Ingrid has a boyfriend, a very cool guy who drinks wine and beer every afternoon. He loves Ingrid so so, SO SOOOOO much, that he’s cheating on her with a daughter of doctor Gomez. One more love-line. Lovely!

4) The beauty of Sofia’s heart. The pureness of her soul and the desire to make everybody around happy. She’s pretending to be tough, but she’s too un-secure and un-seen. She is the invisible child to her father (she’s visiting him in Greece tho) and the helping hand to her depressed mother.
The story of 69yo father who’s remarried with a very young girl will make you think twice before kicking the butt of your old wife out of “the bed”.
“Horse – today, donkey – tomorrow.” My own saying lol

In the middle of the book we are screaming: “Why you don’t fight, Zoffiee???
“She has ripped out my heart with her monster claws” – she says.

Hm, I think we are very close to discover how the monsters look like…

Ingrid is the Monster
Rose is the Monster
Gomez is the Monster
Jellyfish is the Monster
Ingrid’s Boyfriend is the Monster
Sofia is….???

Thats the main question of the book “Hot Milk”.

Let me ask: “Would you take the monster out of the warm bed and throw under the speeding cold car? Could you?” I don’t think you have the guts. But our Sofia does. And thats exactly what Sofia did. Is she worse than the Monsters above? 

I really enjoyed the story, its a very different style from all novels I read in 2017. It is a kind of ‘brainstorming of emotions’ through a prism of Sofia’s daily tasks.

This book is for everybody,
but I’d recommend to read it, if you are in the middle of NOT OKAY.
This books is hilarious.

This book is the reflection of our time.
This book is psycho-logically complex.

We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves,” – says Mike Carey. So what are you waiting for?

Step 1. Don’t create the Monster!
Step 2. Do not Fear the Monster!
Step 3. Kill the Monster and start living!
Even if you’ve been ‘eaten’ by jellyfish hundreds of times,
even if you have only
nothing, nothing, nothing on your wish list…

My rate is 4,5 from 5. Ops! One problem -> I didn’t get the name of the book. I mean I couldn’t find anything about “hot milk”. Unless its a code for a beer. Haha

Below you can read the most interesting quotes from Sofia’s story:

A) “Time has shattered, it’s cracking like my lips. When I note down ideas for field studies, I don’t know whether I’m writing in the past or present tense or both of them at the same time.
“Get me a spoon, Sofia.”
I got her a spoon.

I can’t live like this.
If she had no feelings in her legs, her mind had made some claws that were pricking her feet.”

B) “I wanted to wrap my legs around his waist like a lover and I wanted to give him so much pleasure he would scream the injury hut down. Instead, he gave me the form to fill in:
Name –
Age –
Country of origin –
Occupation –
I left everything blank, except under Occupation I wrote – Monster.
He looked at the form and then at me. “But you are a beautiful woman, “ – he said.”

C) “Obviously, raising the voice compels attention and incites fear, but was she bold? Did I want to be bold like her? What SHADE of bold was I after?”

D) “My love for my mother is like an axe. It cuts very deep.

E) “Hello Christos”
“Call me Papa.”
I’m not sure I can do that, but if I write it down I’ll see what it looks like.”

F) “To steal the dorado, I had to conquer my fear of being found out and shamed. I relaxed my muscles, touched the price tag on the langoustines to distract the cashier from my right hand, which was sliding the grumpy dorado into my basket.
As far as I could make out, this was the model the most politicians had adopted to run their democracies and dictatorships. If the reality of the right hand is being messed up with the left hand, it would be true to say that reality is not a stable commodity…”

G) “A gift like love is never free.”

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