Book Review ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History Of Tomorrow’, Yuval Noah Harari

To write review on this book is similar to answering the question – ‘How would you describe the Universe in one word?’
And you: Yeah, sure. It’s huge, man…
That’s why I’m going to focus only on the most important details or inspiring facts (its a big review tho, so get back or save for later when you have time). 


Among all the creations on the Earth (as far as we know), we are the only ones who are wishing to become Gods. We are willing to go as far as we can to achieve the result. Because …

Right, we deserve it.
We are special and no-one like us.

But what will we do with all that infinite TIME and the perfect POWER? 

Sometimes I’m getting a feeling that we, people, do not understand what ‘human’ really is. Our behaviour is opposite of everything in the natural order and we are spitting on the face of logic every day of our existence. 

More people die from eating too much than eating too little;
More people die from old age than from infectious diseases;
More people commit suicide than are killed by solders.

You are welcome to disagree with us (Yuval and me), but my dear, there’re no longer natural famines in the world – only political. And oooopsss! For the first time in its recorded history China is now free from famine (in only 2010 – malnutrition killed about 1 million people, whereas obesity – 3 millions). 

‘Coca-Cola poses a far deadlier threat than al-Qaeda’, Yuval Noah Harari

Simply by being there, in your everyday life.
What? Why terrorists dominate the headlines and change the political situation throughout the world?
Because terrorism is a
show, it provokes to react and it is spreading fear. But it is only a little fly…that tries destroy a big shop by finding a bull: getting inside its ear and starting buzzling. Imagine the bull, and how he destroys that shop.

So if famine, plague and war are decreasing – what will take their place on ‘our daily human agenda’? (because we need one, we can’t live without it) What are the projects that will replace it in 21st century? 

How about to protect humankind from themselves?
Because our growth destabilises the ecological equilibrium of the whole planet.

The thing is …we prefer growth. Humans are rarely satisfied with what they already have. We are always on the lookout to something Bigger, Better, Tastier. We aim to upgrade humans into Gods. But at the end – what will we do with ourselves?

The book consists of 3 parts:

  • Human conquers the world 
  • Human gives meaning to the world
  • Human loses control

‘Homo Deus’ argues that the principles that have organized our society will undergo a huge shift in the 21st century, with major consequences for life as we know it. 

The idea of the book: As good as it sounds, achieving the dream of bliss, immortality, and divinity could be bad news for the human race.

 Is it progress if a cannibal uses a fork?

What if life will change the shift and the future will look so:

  • a small number of elites upgrade themselves through biotechnology and genetic engineering to the super-humans, leaving the rest of us behind; 
  • the artificial intelligence “knows us better than we know ourselves”; 
  • godlike elites and super-intelligent robots consider the rest of humanity to be superfluous.

Death was always a sacred metaphysical experience with a meaning… NOW? Death is a technical problem that humans can and should solve.

Every human has a right to life. Period.
That right isn’t limited by any expiry date.
Yes or No?

In 2015, Bill Maris (Google Ventures) said in the interview: ‘If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500, my answer is – yes!’  (some experts think that humans overcome death in 2200). 

So let’s count: I am 40 now + I have to live 182 = 222 years. Mmmm, but Bill said it is possible to live to 500. LOL. The question is only – do I really want it? Because I think it makes us also the most ANXIOUS people in history. 

Ok, now experiment! Close your eyes for a minute and try to remember the body you had at 18 or 23. Not only how it looked, but how it felt! If you could have that body back – how much would you be willing to pay?..

RAY KNOWS everything! 😉

Ahhh. Just imagine what old retail moguls and ageing Hollywood stars will do when they think the elixir of life is within their reach..? 😂
What if it is already here? What if Ray have it?…Ok. I better shut up. 

The 3-steps of upgrading human into God: 

  • Biological engineering
  • Cyborg engineering
  • The engineering of Non-Organic Beings

Interesting, what would our buddy Nietzsche say about all that? You can read the interesting post/answers to Nietzsche’s questions -> Earthwalking Blog – click

Yep, non-organic BEINGS. How does it feels? There’s no reason to think that Homo Sapiens is the last station in the evolution chain. 

I see you are thinking: can someone please hit the brakes and slow down? Oh, buddy, I’m not sure it is possible. Not anymore. We’ve got the taste…

  1. Nobody knows where the brakes ARE. 
  2. The brakes are broken, BUT if we somehow succeed in hitting them – everything will collapse (our economy and society are built on everlasting Growth and need of the endless Projects).

My view: Everything changes. Be ready to be gone, Sapiens! 

The main problem of the book: the purpose of life.

We all know – we are looking for happiness.
Is the average American happier than Stone Age hunter-gatherer?
How to bring JOY to bored and overweight engineer in 21st century?

So far science says that nobody is ever made happy by getting a promotion, winning the lottery or even finding true love. People are made happy by ONE thing only – pleasant sensations in their bodies. And it s always – a temporary thing… 2,300 years ago Epicurus warned us, that no matter how many blissful or exciting sensation you may experience – they will never satisfy you.

But what if a happy, healthy life would be guaranteed for every child (and human) on the Earth? How would that change the role the parents play? Or what purpose would humans have then? What challenges would we be inspired to solve?
Hm. Maybe finding the new purpose…or creating a new religion. 

If the happiness is not the purpose anymore – then what’s Next?
Any ideas?

The book is focused also on:

  • Humans and the change of the global Ecology
  • Non-organic life
  • Humans and animals: emotions are not only human qualities – soul in a pig ≈ soul in a human
  • There’s no soul as we know it
  • Religion vs Spirituality vs Science
  • The stream of consciousness
  • Mind and Brain: what are our memories, imagination and thoughts? Where do they exist?
  • Humans are not unique: meet the self-conscious chimpanzee, rat and smart horse
  • How to organise the revolution: why the crowd can’t organise and who can?
  • Why only humans are able to construct social systems?
  • We are ruled by emotions, not by logic
  • The 3 levels of Reality
  • How to create the Loop?
  • Do we lack imagination?
  • Modern brands are the New Gods
  • Holy Scriptures
  • Bankers and Vampires: the difference
  • The stress race – the modern deal
  • How we inspired to want more all the time?
  • The revolution of humanism: the good and the bad
  • Free choice, voting, the eyes of the beholder…and much more.

Wrap up: It is a deeply engaging book with lots of brain-stimulating ideas. It makes you think about the future, which is another way of saying it makes you think about the NOW. 

My Rate: the best non-fiction book I read during 2016-2018. It is a #MustRead. The earlier you’ll read this book – the better for you.
I’d advise to read the book if you love science and reading/or writing sci-fi (here you can grab some crazy ideas for the fiction book 😉✌️)
Yes, of course, you can agree or disagree with the author. But he made a big research and its worth your time!
PS. Bill Gates, who also read the book, is asking you ‘What if people run out of things to do?’…Do not forget, we are the Generation of Lazy, Bored and Tired.

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