Book Review ‘Faithful To Death’ Jonas Mostrom (Swedish author)

“The day will come
When my body no longer exists
But in the lines of this poem
I will never let you be alone…”
Sapardi Djoko Damono 

General: There’s no book in English = spoiling your ‘curiosity’ with the details. Do not jump so much… I see you are excited, but you’ll scare the neighbours! 

The feel: Slow, but intense.

Rate: Would I read the books of this author again? I think – yes. Would I buy this book again? Yep. It was cheap anyway lol 

The genre: thriller. I can’t say it is some kind of ‘new or revolutionary’ written crime-novel, but it is entertaining and mixed with the stillness of the Swedish mentality. 

The theme: I don’t know why I have picked this book at the store. I think because it was about the serial killer. Ahhh, we love those crazy mfkrs, don’t we? 

The portrait of our serial killer: Nice guy, intelligent, help people a lot, family-man, good father and friend. Just a happy ray of sunshine-dude. So what is wrong? 

The plot (shortly): Let’s start from the beginning. The body of the famous football player has been found in his house with the blue rose on the chest. No visible struggles. First question – poisoned?
Almost in the same time has been found 2 more bodies (in different swedish cities) with the same pattern: no struggles, ‘sleeping-beauty-death’ with the blue rose attached.
All three have died in a total peace, in the sleep, with the help of the morphine-injection.

The questions: Why? and Who did it?  

“I’m not afraid of being dead. I’m just afraid of what you might have to go through to get there.” Pamela Bone

The investigating-forces #team: 

Group 1: psychologist Ellen and the investigator Paul (with the 20-month child and the wife he doesn’t love. Yeah, yeah…thats why Ellen and Paul going to have sex).
Group 2: tough lesbian investigator Maria and Angie, who isn’t sure if she’s lesbian or not. Probably bi?
Group 3: the old tired officer, let’s call him Tom, on the pills (he is the reason that his wife has died…but he is still in the Police Force. Just great!) and the young IT-hacker-smart-arse, Mike, who is scared of the dead bodies.
Group 4: lots of ‘names’ we don’t care about (we meet them along the way while trying to catch the serial killer in the different areas of Sweden).

Paul is visting his old grandma in the hospital (she has dementia). The mate of his grannie has died. AND! the nurse has found the same BLUE sign (the rose) on her body. 

Why that maniac kills so many different people?
Whats the point or the motive?

So far murdered:
Football player, male, 25 yo
Dancer, female, 35+
The pilot, male, 30+
The grandma’s friend, 80+
Two twin sisters, 70+

Ta ta! The method of killing: injection. That means he has to be a doctor or with some kind of medical education (At least! But still we are missing the motive…).

Paul’s grandma with the dementia is a kick-ass chick, who remember way toooooo much. In general, she have found (or recognised) our killer haha

How awesome is that!?

The serial killer: he was right there, on the page 1…but we have never seen him until the last page. Our psychologist, Ellen, found him too, simply, because he was her friend all that time. Nope. I didn’t mention him among the heroes in the list above. The list of the heroes is really – REALLY huge (do not forget: this is the thriller!): it was a bit difficult to keep up with the characters until page 100. Then – you feel like you know them. 

Nice touch:  the killer didn’t work alone. His sister helped him: she came up with the idea of leaving ‘blue-inked-rose’ on the bodies. Ahhhh, sweet.  #teamfamily #teamserialkillers

The motive: there’s a group (the non-profit organisation) who would like to legalise the euthanasia in Sweden. If you belong to them – one step forward! 

The sentimental detail: I liked the mix of the reality with perception of the past through the eyes of the killer. It explains why he did what he did.

The top-secret: Hm, I dont know if he is the murderer at all. Those people agreed to die!

If you know that you are going to be a vegetable tomorrow – would you prefer to die slowly and painfully or quickly and peacefully (in your sleep)..

The problem: legalisation of the euthanasia in Sweden.

The enjoyment: 6 from 10.

Erotic detail: hotel-sex. Sigh.

The end: suicide – our serial killer kills himself and his sister (she couldn’t walk anyway, and he was the reason).


“I lived my whole life following others’ wishes.
Let me follow my own wish in my death.”
Shon Mehta 

Next post – M is for Magic. W is for Writing…

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