Book review “Blame” Jeff Abbott

“You blame me for this, don’t you?” he says.
“I don’t need to. You’re doing a better job.”
Melina Marchetta

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. The fun of your first meeting with the DEVIL. The real one. Because this book will take you straight to his (or her) face, heart and cave. Do you remember saying “the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only ONE of him”? There’s never ‘one’. It is the army of ‘evils’ in this book! Well done, Jeff Abbot!

I don’t know why, but it took almost 4 days to finish this novel. I can’t say I wasn’t excited…I was. But probably also a little bit “annoyed” with the main character.

Do you remember the HULK girl, from young adult fiction book “The Treatment” (I’ve posted review this week, check later if you haven’t read it yet – Book Review )?

Our Hulk-Girl jumped into “Blame” book.
Right after the treatment!

The hero is a 17 years old girl who one day woke up at the hospital with amnesia (a gap of a memory loss 3 last years). All she knows (when you wake up in such kind of condition everybody wanna comfort you, right?) she’ve been in a crash-incident with her friend (a very popular guy, almost like a Prince of The District) aka the next door neighbour, aka a perfect Mr I-Will-Kiss-You-In-The-Dark-Room-If-You-Will-Wrap-Your-Legs-Around-Me (it was a fkn long sentence but I hope you’ve got the picture).
So what happened on that road? Nobody knows. Of course the girl don’t remember as well, but everybody around her (even friends) think she does, because how is it even possible – totally forget 3 years?

It is possible.
And she’s starting the investigation.
While everybody around blames her.

A couple of words about the plot. It is based on “Love-War” action between 2 families. Let’s call them Montague and Capulet.

They love each other before the crash ->> they hate each other (almost 2 long years!) after the crash.
Thank you, Romeo!
Could you stay alive at least once!?
We want you next time in a Happy-Ever-After Book!

Get back to Juliet. She is a modern snotty “playing-Colombo-girl” who’s trying to understand: “Why Romeo is gone, but she’s still here and alive”? Actually she should kill herself in response. Thats what a good “Juliets” do. But she is too stubborn and don’t wanna drop the “Colombo” image!

Next on the list. Friends! I’ll call them Romeo #Two and Romeo #Three. I think our Juliet was a pretty hard-working “porn star” back then (2-3 years ago), while Romeo was still alive. So she have played well with all three boys. Lots of energy, don’t you think? It is impossible to kill this kinda energy by one book 🙂

“I couldn’t kill her,” – says Jeff Abbot to us, his Readers, – 
because she was pregnant.
I think, anyone who has a similar experience will 
sympathize with her,
so I let her live.”

WOW! A pregnant Juliet with amnesia. Feel related? Not yet? Let’s add “The Innocent” to her qualities and move further…

The most interesting details:

1. A suicide note. It was on the japanese paper of a very expensive notebook. Aha! I see you want to ask if they have  ever been in Japan? Let me call to Jeff Abbott. He should know.
But… like in any ‘love-story’ they have planned a runaway. To Canada. Dont ask me why. 

2. Romeo’s mum. I hated her in the first half of the book, but I loved her at the end.

“Blame is a human concept, one of its blackest and most selfish and self-binding.”
Patrick Ness

3. The detective Randy. The way he’s hiding from the investigation and the heroes is hilarious. Thats how the real detective suppose to spend his time. Right?

4. Here I’m going to tell you only one word (to make you think a little bit): Slave Market. Do they still sale people in XXI? – you’ll ask. Yeah, one of the families does. But I wont tell you who’s guilty: Montague or Capulet. Give me your guess at the end.
5. Facebook. We’ll never get away from this place. N.E.V.E.R. 

I’m rating the book 4 from 5. I didn’t expect such “evil-ending”, but I’ve suspected 2-3 heroes because they were a bit TOO nice. You know the rule: the maniac is always the most nicest person in the room…?

The best excerpt from the book: Hope is scary, isn’t it? It can crush you as much as lift you up.

And no, I’d never read this book again. One time is enough.

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Happy weekends, peeps

Word  sympathize  in the text – for daily-prompt. 

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    • Who knows… I never read False Impression. But I’d say so: you’d die following the girl in that story.. I almost gave up lol I just finished the book for a review, otherwise “no, thanks”. Its ok tho.. because you are not sure who is the bad guy, but you’re starting to understand closer to the end anyway.
      Only if u r a big fan of a pregnant sad girls – go ahead, read it.

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