Book Review ‘Alex’ Pierre Lemaitre

Short synopsis: ‘Alex is a young woman who, one evening, is kidnapped from a Parisian street. There is minimal evidence of the crime, very few witnesses, the police are brought in to investigate. Yet no-one reports her as missing – whoever she is – and there are no real clues to her identity…’


“We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”
Heinrich Heine

Lovely quote, lovely book, lovely girl!

Yes, it was a lie. Or maybe not. Many people thought that Alex is lovely. But where they ended up? Eh, dead!

First of all, be careful with the girls named Alex, Mary, Sofi, Angelica, Laura. To make the list shorter – with ANY girl. Because you never know which one from them IS Alex. Alex is hiding behind all those names. And all the men who met her ended up ‘very dead’. A special kind of ‘death’. Smashed, tortured, burned by sulphuric acid, while alive.

I just like the word.
Sooooo ‘Alex’!

In the beginning of the story you love her and feel really sorry for the girl, then you hate her. Then you love her again. It goes up and down. In waves. Because Pierre Lemaitre is a smart dude. He make us hate her, he make her evil, but then he show us that she is NOT.

We all have a Monster within;
the difference is in degree, not in kind.
Douglas Preston

There’re bigger Monsters than Alex in this novel. Let’s call them: Mr Default and Mrs. I-Know-Nothing. They are her relatives.

What makes them monsters?
– silence

– pain
– indifference

Let me spoil you for a moment, haha:
The girl killed a guy.
A young sweet dumb fella.
She buried his body and left.
But the smart-arse-dad have figured out what she’ve done.
He found her, kidnapped her (
on the empty street), put her in the box.
He hung the box in the Gods-know-where-place…

About the box:
it is ‘an instrument of torture’ created under Louis XI for the Bishop of Verdun. He was kept in it for 10 years. It’s a passive, but very effective torture. The joints fuse, the muscles atrophy, and it drives the victim insane. Add some rats and dog-food to the picture!

But ops! The police forces never sleeps!
They caught our sad-bad ‘daddy’ in the middle of the suicidal mission.

Ta-ta! Dad is gone.
Alex is still there, hanging…
Ouch, poor Girl!

So on which side are you right now? Alex, dad, police force, the killed son?

How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly.
Elizabeth Gaskell

One more question Pierre Lemaitre asks: how well do you know your children, peeps?
He hope you does. After reading this novel I’m going to doubt in any human nature and the relationship between brother-sister as well.

Do you remember Alex’s relatives: Mr Default and Mrs I-Know-Nothing? I’d call them animals… but

“Animals don’t behave like men.If they have to fight – they fight; and if they have to kill – they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures lives and hurting them.
They have dignity and animality.”
Richard Adams

‘Animals’ or ‘Monsters’. Both are too nice words for those two. They are the reason our Alex is sooooo, right…


About the investigator of all that mysterious mess. To tell you honestly, I thought he is a woman. Because of the name – Camille (really??) Plus 2 more funny details: the policeman is very SHORT – 1m 45 cm (57 inches) and he’ve got a dog, called Dou-Dou-Che.

My rate 4 from 5 (mostly for the plot and heroes). I didn’t like the language, probably because I read it in a Swedish translation and it wasn’t the best one (not so entertaining).

P.S. No spoilers, enjoy the book 📚 haha

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