Book review 2 in 1. #1 ‘I just want to win – Ljubomir Vranjes’ by Christian Albinsson;  #2 ‘The Children Act’ by Ian McEwan 

Book Review #1
‘I just want to win – Ljubomir Vranjes’, Christian Albinsson

‘I just want to win’ is the book about the winning, the person who knew How, about the hours of hard work, dedication, discipline and…the chance. 

Who are they, the winners?
Is it possible to secure the win?
How easy it is – to become a hero for the whole country? 

I read the book in Swedish, I don’t think there’s an English version, but I hope it will be one day.
The genre: a memoir, autobiography, non-fiction.
My rate: 3,5 or I’d buy this book again, because I love non-fiction books about the sport/sport-heroes.

The hero: Ljubomir Vranjes was a public favourite during the Bengan Boys era, the Swedish handball’s team. Vranje’s energy and the will to win could change the game in the middle = it could determine the result of the match. That man was HAWT. And by ‘hot’ I mean the energy he was spreading around!


In his younger years Ljubomir Vranjes (or Ljubo) was kinda ‘troubled teen’, who could pop up at the training with a blue eye (or two) after some crazy fights. But the real sport finally won, thanks to the leaders who had noticed a huge desire to win in that short simple, straightforward Ljubo-boy.

Vranješ was a member of the Swedish team for 11 years 1996–2007. He joined the national team at the age of 19, in 1996. He won the silver medal in the World championship, in 1997, Japan. He also competed in the World championships, European championships and Olympics.

The detail: he was very short for the handball – 166 cm (5 ft 5 inch)


“Winning is fun…. Sure. But winning is not the point. Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point.” Pat Summitt 

The style: easy to read, the author is very open about the struggles and the depression he had (about his darkest time).  

What I personally liked about this book: the chapters, where Vranjes wife describing her own views on their life/relationships in Sweden and EU.

There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one…

The message of the book: there is nothing in this life that can destroy you but yourself. Bad things happen to everyone, but it doesn’t mean you’ll fall apart and die. Or maybe you will, but you have to fight back. If you don’t, you are the one who’ll lose everything and yourself. But if you do keep trying-going and keep fighting back – one day you’ll win.


Always to remember: a real wanting to win is the first step to becoming the ‘winner’. 

Book review #2
’The children Act’, Ian McEwan 

The heroes:
Fiona Maye is a high court judge.
Jack, her husband, professor of ancient history.
Both are in their 50s and without kids.
Adam – sick 17yo boy (leukemia, cancer of the blood cells)
His parents

The problems:

  • absorption in the career VS a crisis in the private life
  • indifference VS relationships with a teenager
  • love VS religion 

‘The story inside of the story’, I’d like to focus on it for the moment:

Jack announces that he wants to embark on an affair – he has a 28-year-old chick lined up already. In general he is asking for the permission to an ‘open marriage’, because (attention!) he was without sex 7 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours and 238 seconds. Poor thing. And yes, he counted. And he feel like he’s going to die if he doesn’t touch the naked boob in the next hour or two…


Jake complains that the relationships are ‘sweet and cosy’, but not a Screaming-Guts-Out-Rollin’-Stone-Movements on the floor of the living room. 

Jake, Jake, Jake…
I have found a better place for you.

What do you think, readers, if we take our Husband Jake and place him inside of the new Stephen King’s novel, ‘The Outsider’….mmm, there’s a very nice spot for our guy -> as the victim (!! – the victim has been found dead with a branch sticking outta the bottom).

I kinda see our Jack there. Very dead.
Mmmm, I’d add a bottle of whiskey to the picture. 

(ps. He loves his whiskey. Sigh)

Jack wants one “big passionate affair” before he drops dead. He is screaming to Fiona:

“Ecstasy, almost blacking out with the thrill of it? Remember that?”

Yes. WE remember that (me, Fiona and Stephen King), that’s why we are going to fulfil your dreams, Jake. 

The style: The novel is written in the third person, but it’s all narrated from inside Fiona’s mind.  Feels like ‘realism’ or non-fiction sometimes, because of the great descriptions of legal battles in the court and the character’s emotional life/relationships.

The main story: a teenager is refusing the blood transfusion that would save his life because of his beliefs. He is only 17, so the court should decide: to live or to die.
Visiting Adam in hospital, Fiona is touched by the boy’s unusual gifts – he has written amazing poetry and learned to play the violin.
Fiona makes her judgement and Adam’s life is saved. Or so it seems…

I don’t wanna spoil your darkest fantasies, so let me say only 1 thing: the ending is sad. And heartbreaking. Not for the Jake tho. Hm. Life is unfair.  

The language: it was a pleasure from start to finish.
The energy: powerful, evokes emotions, gripping.

The questions of the book: 

What is the most important: to fill the church with love OR with the obedience?
Do you have to suffer to be a good poet?
What is a sin?
Should a child go killing himself for the sake of the religion?
What would you choose: empty side of the bed OR husband Jake, trying to make your night a real paradise? 

The definition of the horrible death: the sensation of drowning slowly OR internal bleeding after the stroke? or both?
Why Satan is so amazingly sophisticated? 

The rate: 4 or I’d buy it again, mostly because of the stylish language. The story/plot itself is too familiar to me. 

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