‘Being A Cat’ Challenge

A new challenge for this week: 30 july – 5 august. Have fun!
Inspired by MexiMinnesotana and her cat Willy 😁


There are 4 variants, choose any.

#1. Describe how the cat on the photo below sees the world.  kattenplaatjes1

#2. Open any book you haven’t read yet on the page 8. Read the first sentence (above) on that page. Write a flash, poem or story. 

In my case it will be the book of Anthony Doerr ‘All the light we cannot see’, page 8.
Phrase -> ‘still have bumblebees carved into the oak; the ivy-covered fountain in the courtyard is shaped like a hive.’
IMG_3590#3. Write the letter (or short note) from the cat. The letter starts with the words: ‘I’m telling you this because you are the only one who won’t judge me…’

#4. Post a photo of your own cat with the story behind the picture. Be creative! 

Do not forget: LINK/or pingback to this post (if you like)

My Example
‘An Episode From The Life Of A Cat’


The truth is there’s only one kind of genius – me.
My name is Messiah de Serious Eater, but my human slave usually calls me ‘Mess’. I don’t like being called ‘Mess’, so I get up, go out, while leaving a trail of the chaos behind.
-That’s NOT okay, Mess!
I’m looking up at her, somewhat surprised: ‘Yeah. Daily chores need to be done DAILY.’
-Someone is going to be punished, – the slave continues.
‘She is SO fixated on me!’
I could channel my Samaritan heart to help her, but some minds are forever lost…Do you know what I mean? It’s impossible to locate her brain. Hm, human brain – may or may not exist.


That’s why I’m staying on the track and slowly moving to the door leading to backyard. Man, I love this ancient garden! It still have bumblebees carved into the oak; the ivy-covered fountain in the courtyyard is shaped like a hive.
I see the book of poems on the table. Perfect toy for my claws.
Page 8 – ‘Focus on what is yours alone’. I like it. Time to read.


-Would you like some snacks, Mess? – human asked.
‘Yes, – I said, – bring me a saffron cake!’

I fell on the side. My slave knelt and placed her hand on my belly.

‘Do you know any songs, human? – I requested.’
For the next few hours we sat there, singing songs. Ah, without a doubt, humans are created to fill our life with pleasure.

The End

P.S. Ray is on the vacation right now, traveling, so this post is scheduled. But I’ll try to keep up with the blogging as much as possible while on the beach 🌞🌤🌊🌊🥨🍹 haha

Next post – #coolprompts 

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  1. Ha! I love this! Glad to have inspired a challenge. 🙂
    Hope you are having a great vacation. It’s my final week in the corporate world, so I am not writing a lot this week. This may help me think of a creative way to end my week or a unique “Saturday Share.”
    Take care!

  2. I woke up this morning and I said to myself, “Maybe Ray will have an interesting challenge for me to participate in today”, probably just a coincidence.

  3. Cool challenge, I can’t wait to try it out! Have fun at the beach by the way 😁 I hope it’s sunny (unlike where I live unfortunately… so many plans to go to the beach ruined in a snap…) 😞

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