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I’m sharing a poem of Tomas Tranströmer today (translation: Robin Fulton).
I’m checking a lot of poetry books lately, because I’m planning to publish my own book/poems Legs: A Global Perspective on Society (October). 


I have been walking for a long time
on the frozen Ostergotland fields. 
I have not seen a single person.

In other parts of the world 
there’re people who are born, live and die
in a perpetual crowd.

To be always visible – to live
in a swarm of eyes – 
a special expression must develop.
Face coated with clay.

The murmuring rises and falls
while they divide up among themselves
the sky, the shadows, the sand grains. 

I must be alone
ten minutes in the morning
and ten minutes in the evening.
– Without a program.

Everyone is queuing at everyone’s door.

Also, my new interview will be posted on the Jas Raj blog (soon 🕺): Words, by Jasraj

I planned to use sketches and drawings of Fredrik Soderqvist for my upcoming poetry book, but I decided to go with photography (at least for the first shot, plus, I bought a new camera and lenses 😉)… but check his drawings on Insta (plus website: Gallery – and give him a follow if you are on IG 📚☕️💃🕺).

Last but not least, my book So Absurd It Must Be True …goes to Frankfurt Book Fair in October 💜 ->> 2019

For my grumpy readers

Grumpy Reader: What? Someone is rated it 5 stars? Wait, let me come over to fix this!!!
Ray: Is it you again? Do you ever rest? Let me remind you, this books has been written in nonlinear narrative and…
Grumpy Reader: Bullshit! I read 7 first words and all of them were written in 1 damn line!
Ray: So are we going for 1 star today or 2?
Grumpy Reader: If I could give you a ‘minus 1 star’,  I would.
Ray: Very generous of you. See you soon?
Grumpy Reader: Nope. I really really really hate your books! Never again, I’m giving you my word!
Ray: My next book will be published in October… come over for a tea and a chat. Ah, and bring that 1 star of yours, seems she need some proper ‘feeding’.
Grumpy Reader: Ok, I’ll be there.

And yes, yes, yes… Ray is on the way to check your posts 📚

Next – Left Hand Clara (short story/idea for the book) 


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10 Responses

  1. What I l,ike about this poem “Alone,” his awareness of others being born, living, and dying. It is the perception of being spearated from the rest of societty that makes the aloneness more profound.

    Best of luck with your books Ray,.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thanks 🙂 by the way, I think we see (understand) this poem differently :)) I don’t think this poem is about ‘being alone’ or ‘loneliness’ …to live with a hundreds eyes breathing down your neck and to live facing just ‘yourself’ = very diff worlds to be, die or be born

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      but yeah, he is aware that crowds are deadly for our health… kinda agree with you 50/50

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m looking forward to your poetry book!
    I like the solitude coming from this poem ‘Alone’. It reminds me of how I felt walking around in the woods of Lapland. I miss that. Too many people in America.

  3. kinkyacres says:

    Reminds me of the “sound of one hand clapping” :}

  4. kinkyacres says:

    “Laugh” is good!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Yep 😉 always remember that I’m usually laughing next day

      It takes time to get …jokes 🙂

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