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Bad blogger is Back! Wooo-hoooo-hoooo 

So what are you doing today?
And what I’ve done in the past three days? 

To tell you the truth – not much. I’m still in the middle of the ‘Limitless’ tv-show (about the guy who’s using a special kind of drug each day and it is making him a smart ass. Ops! He’s of course working for FBI and solving different crazy cases). I don’t know, I just like the guy I guess…that’s why I’m watching it. Haha

About the novel. Don’t focus on ‘the description-post’ much – I got it. I know how to steal. Because do not forget:

“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different from that from which it was torn.”
T. S. Eliot 

To sum all this up -> always “Steal like an artist”, the advice that Austin Kleon gives you in his book with the same title (reading now). 

A couple of words about the reading. It goes slowly. Very SLOWLY. I don’t know why, but I’m blaming the weather. Or maybe it is just lazy me. The weather is really awesome right now, +26/27 Celsius. And all I am doing – sitting in the garden with my dogs, watching the wind passing by…

What to expect this week? Not much, because the weather report says it will be 3-4 more days of the sunny hooootness. So all I can promise: Two Book Reviews (one – the book about Autism, and second – crime novel about ‘what to expect from the weird dating webs’). 

I’m also going to post ‘Pilgrim’-play on Luke Copyright. I’ll probably reblog it or leave the link in the next post, it depends on. And I’m going to post 1 Ayurveda/Mindfulness post.

Also I re-read my novel (‘The Dulcinea Project’). I liked it, the vibe…and I think after the second draft it will be ready for the proof-reader (definitely). To tell you more about it: 

  1. I don’t care really about the genre. I D G F. I’m just writing the way I want. So it probably will be messy: some kind of mix -> non-fiction and sci-fi. 
  2. Yep, it is officially YA novel (don’t we all writing YA? Kind of…). Mmmm, should I say – I don’t care if it does look like YA or not. The hero is 15yo. I don’t think about her much and I do not create any story around her, I’m just telling the way she sees things. That means I AM telling you the WAY I’m seeing things. The story is mine and the visions I’m telling in this story are mine too. Yeah, I’m sure they are crazy some way, but who knows what the world is. 
  3. More details: 5 friends, school for the BIOTECH research, powers, crack in the universe, what is the reality, the usual day of a teenager, why parents are always lying, re-birth of the matter, good and evil isn’t always good and evil, the code, DNA, love, pool-party, Sweden, deaths after deaths after deaths, experiments/tests on humans, code, non-human and much more. 

I’m going to check (= read your posts this evening). And have a good week ahead! If some kind of inspiration will strike me – I’ll post. If no: then it will be 2 book-reviews only as I told above.

My personal deadline for second draft – 25 may, because 26 may my mum will come with a visit again. We are planning to go to Prague, but about it later.

Do not forget about ‘The Hero’s Journey’ contest – rules right here

Ray loves you ✌😉


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68 Responses

  1. masercot says:

    Is your story anything like Robert Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky?

    • I don’t know bcz I never read his story :/ if his “Tunnel” about the human who is not human and have to die & re-born (time to time) plus who is literally standing on the Earth without her mouth…then yes lol 😂 but I hope not 🙂

    • masercot says:

      I think you’re safe…

  2. I really need to check out “Limitless”. I keep meaning to… I just have to find the time!
    “steal like an artist”, I LOVE IT!! 😂🍻💖
    And your weather sounds GLORIOUS!! I’ve been stuck at work the last few days… So, I’ll get to enjoy the weather…hooefully tomorrow?? We’ll see what life brings!

    • I think the more I watch- the more I like the guy…it was a bit boring in the beginning but now (episodes 8-14) – kinda fun.
      And wish u a great sunny weather tomorrow:) I’m lucky I’m working from home 😂

  3. I enjoyed watching Limitless. Are you one of the judges in ‘The Hero’s Journey’?

  4. Thanks Ray. Love you too. ❤️🙄

  5. Jina Bazzar says:

    well, ‘not much’ for you is a productive day for me…. and sitting in the garden enjoying the sun and breeze is doing something – i’d tick that on a box of things to do.
    and i like the quote.

    • I love doing nothing. I think I’m good at doing nothing…I’m like a dog. Can just sit and watch all day long haha
      Glad u had a productive days/week! Yeah, quote is great, and sooo true lol

  6. I’ve just come in from the garden – a bit too much sun for my nude pate – the wind has come up here – I guess it’s you? As for poetry I guess we all write more or less the same thing which is why I don’t use too many words! Now this book of yours, it sounds kinda weird – which is good – so I’ll buy it (if it’s cheap!). I’m rambling, time to go! Eric.

    • Yes I’m usually sitting in the shadows too, so I understand 😂
      Agreed. I just found out even Buddha said – “nothing is original” lol
      It is a bit weird book, yep, and no worries – i didn’t think about any price 😂😬 not yet

  7. There is new series on Picasso on Nat geo, called Genius.
    It’s true if you can’t create, still!
    Have great week ahead!…

  8. George F. says:

    Diggin’ your posts.

  9. He or she can have it. 🐶 we’ll get drunk on lust and wine. Ohhh What a combo.

  10. Man, its so good to be back…and reading your post. Hi! ray, hope all is well with you. Can’t wait to read your next post. 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    The ‘garden’, sun, warmth and breeze so beneficial, to you and the dogs!

  12. sorryless says:

    You always dish up smarts and cheeky. I loved the movie . . the TV show sounds intriguing.
    LOVE Eliot, and that quote . . yum.

    Peace and novels.

    • Oh I didn’t know there’s a movie also 🧐😭 going to check haha
      Yep, Eliot is def a good* “poet” 😉

      • sorryless says:

        It’s with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro. Definitely worth a look. And yes . . I concur as far as this Eliot fellow is concerned . . .

  13. librepaley8 says:

    “I don’t care really about the genre…” Liberating. So much pressure to ‘write for the market’.

  14. Ohh really? Maybe if you punctuated correctly, I would 😂😉🙄 anddd. Enjoy my place! What does that mean? Agnetha.

  15. Second draft by May 25? What is the rush?

  16. Hyperion says:

    Cool quote. Word recycling can be such fun. I didn’t forget your book about Faith the Dragon Sister. I’ll get that link to you as soon as I get it all together. 🙂

  17. You are watching “Limitless” for the actor and I am not watching for the actress… lol :p 😀
    Movie was enough for me anyway.