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This is going to be quite long post, mostly because of 1,5k short story I’m sharing today. I’m still working with my thriller Sophia von X… I may need one more week before I’ll hit ‘send’ and leave it to proofreading team. Its so many details, heroes… and words 😂 (=60k) – the story is also a bit crazy (read: I’m not so sure anymore about the genre 💣👽). As you see on the picture below, I need to fill in a lot of empty spaces 🤨 – 11 chapters to go. 

I know I got a lot of comments – thanks for that, I always appreciate it, but often I see them very late, because I do not allow any notifications on my phone. Well, keep warm, stay healthy and happy, read on…and write-write-write 📚💃☕️ I’ll try to do my best to come over with a visit 🐰🦊🐻

x x x

Note 1

Dear Tom,
I hope you get this messachh. I have seen you around the zoo and at first I didn’t think much, becuzz I guess your just not my type. I think your a Taurus – you always work so hard and seem to be alone. Then I saw you bending over the railing to check on some pengwins in there pen across the way and – wow – I was aaa woke!! I like men who nose how to carry wait! You definitly graduized from THAT skool.
Since then, whenever you make your rounds, I am in stealth moad, on the prowl. I have been dreeming of meeting my prince for so SO long! Now I see – he had been in front of me the whole time. I hope sumwon gets sick near me, so you can pop by to check on them, and I mite just try and be your nirse! Ho ho
Thinking of you, Anita/

Note 2

Dear Anita,
noticed you a while ago, just after I got here… I’ve always had one eye checking you out, even when I’m doing something else. I’ve caught myself visiting healthy animals near you (to use every chance to spy on you). You can imagine my surprise, when I found this note on the path in back of the penguin pen.
What ingenuity! What determination to make the possibility of a love connection 
happen! What an impressive grasp of English grammar… considering your liabilities.
Tomorrow I will speak to your caretaker about your diet – maybe we can steal a few minutes for each other at that time?
You know where I’ll be. 

Note 3

Hey Wyman!
You’ll never guess what happened! Remember you were making fun of me the other day, saying that my handshake was getting way toooo strong. Well, I met someone! Someone awesome… I was making my rounds here at the zoo, when all of a sudden, I saw her lying there – right in front of me.
She’s the one I’ve always dreamt about! The best part is that she feels the same way. I feel so silly and so stupid… Damn, it’s finally happened! But you know what – I don’t care… I only want to be happy.
I’m NOT writing this to give you another excuse to make fun of me. I just want to tell the whole world!

Note 4

Mr. Rivers,
I figured I’d be the one to let you know that Tom, our precious vet, might be acting a little weird. He just told me he has fallen in love – right here, in our zoo! We’d better keep an eye on him. I know, he’s dependable and hard working guy, but I’m aware of the situation between him and your beautiful daughter. I also don’t want to see an accident happen when he skips into the tiger cage humming “Silly Love Songs”, when he should be checking on the deer.
He said it happened HERE, so I guess, we should try to watch his lover as well, though, I don’t know at this time who that may be…
Thanks for your time,
Wyman Lundegaard/

Note 5

I’m sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news… I’ve just been informed that your fiancé Tom has fallen in love. I’m assuming it is NOT with you. I was aware you two were having difficulties, but I figured you’d work them out BEFORE the wedding.
I know this must be tough to deal with. Remember, I’m here to help. Always!
Please, try to see it from my side a little (just a little!), and let me know as soon as possible how things stand. I have to coordinate thousands of details for the big day. I want it to be special for you, even if – God forbid! – it shouldn’t work out as we planned it.

Maybe we could go to Disneyworld instead?!
Let me know as soon as you can… the sooner I know, the sooner I can iron everything out.
Love always, your dad.

Note 6

Dear Tom,
Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was very thootful of you, to bring me those fifteen pounds of alfalfa. My favorit! All day all I can think of is when your coming by agiin. I only kno distans becuz I feel when your not aroun. I only kno time in those wasted moments dragging by before you show up. I only know space becuz I can never get you as close as I’d like you to be.
I’ve even thout of braking out and looking for you! I’m afrade of being taken away and never seeing you agiin!
Sumtimes I miss you so much I just can’t think strate. Sorrryyy.
Forever yours, 

Note 7

Dear Heartless Bittccchhhhhhh!
Keep your damn fingers off my guy! Owre marriidge… I mean, wedding is only in a couple of weeks now. If you try to rooin it, I’ll fuckin drive over your whore face with a truck and kick yore ass so hard my boot will come out of yore mouth.
I don’t want to no hoo you… I don’t care about you at all. I just want you out of my life!

The last – I will chop yore teeth out with an ax! Got it? And no – I am not drunk!
Kirsten (Tom’s fiancé)

Note 8

Dear Anita, 
I just read your beautiful note for the sixteenth time. I do not want to put it down. I was nearly moved to tears… Ahhhh! You write with a such poetic flair rarely heard or seen outside of a Shakespeare recital. The note infuses my heart with the strength of a lion and the warmth of a neutron star. It cloaks my countenance with the sheen of pure, unfiltered joy.
I want to sing and dance and press wildflowers!
If you are ready for the most exciting, fulfilling adventure you’ll ever partake in – prepare for tomorrow. I will be bringing an eighteen-wheeler to the zoo, to transport you away from your sardine can confinement. We’ll go to a place where we can be together, the way we’ve dared to dream. Somewhere with tons of hay and alfalfa!
You make me the happiest human alive.
Love, Tom/

Note 9

Dear Tom,
I’d love to spend the rest of my days being with you, inside your arms. But your last note woke in me feelings of distress and feer. I did not understand THAT, until I googled it. I found that I am a hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiac. As a doctor and a lover of words, I’m sure you aareddy kno what that meens. Being together wood only cause us pane and misery.
I have spent a long time thinking about it and I have decidit my life should be lived with a hyer purpus – a purpus to serve the world … with every dying breath in my body, until I no longer have any air in my body to breeth. I have decidit to becumm a nun and serve to our lord, Jesus Rivers, until I die.
Farewell Tom! I will always love you. It was the happiest time of my life, really…
Do not weep, becuz I no will be happy serving a hyer purpus and I am sure you’ll find sumwon who doesn’t eet so much and stands on too legs like you.
I will always love you, Anita/

Note 10

Dear Anita,
I was pained to my core reading about your momentous decision, your too hastily-fashioned self-diagnosis as a hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiac. As a doctor I know that cases where people who are really afraid of big words, and not just playing, are very rare. Only about twelve in two hundred people are affected, which means that you are most likely using this dreadful disease – no laughing matter – as a crutch to help you deal with a much more difficult situation.
Anita, it never bothered me that you are as large as a Mini-Cooper, or that your breath smells like hay, or even that you are a hippopotamus… I was prepared to deal with all of these issues as long as I could be at your side. Unfortunately, you don’t appreciate hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia at the same level I do. I must, therefore, terminate all future contacts with you, as you are well below my mental expectations. Tomorrow is my wedding day…
Goodbye forever, Tom/


The End 😜✌️

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22 Responses

  1. masercot says:

    Zoo romances NEVER work out. Some people are animals…

  2. You write with such poetic flair. Oh…ah…Well, stay happy and write-write-write…

  3. “Jesus Rivers”!! 😂😂

  4. 🙂 Would you describe your tale as flash fiction? Has a lovely flow… I enjoyed reading lol even though I hate zoos 🙁 .

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      I don’t know, maybe. I think it’s a short story tho. Flash is anything from 6 words to 1000 🙂
      Thank you 🙂 it was an idea I got from 5 words, hopefully it works well as a story

  5. It’s so interesting and ingenious

  6. Excellent story, VR. I’m hoping Tom gets help.

  7. Simon says:

    Still 11 chapters to go??

  8. kinkyacres says:

    You are truly a ‘well’ of talent! Your eye for beautiful creatures is awesome!! Thank you!

  9. That is just wonderful. So love your writing.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      🎈🎈 thank you, really appreciate it. Late again, I’m still working with my thriller…last chapters aaaaaa 😫😫😫😅😅😅

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