All sorts of wild

I don’t know why
But every morning
When I am eating my eggs
They are dropping on the floor
Or jumping
From my mouth
With the purpose
I’m giving them.

I don’t know why
But every morning 
When I’m starting to read
My coffee is getting cold
And it is saying
Straight to my face:
“Social injustice –
This is what It Is”. 

I don’t know why
But every morning
A song is born in my heart
An ugly song
About ungroomed
Wondering ‘why’
Nice country girls,
Like Me.

I don’t know why
But every morning 
The planet is still sizzling
Towards Climate Collapse
It’s just a shame
That we are standing
In the middle
And thinking –
That’s NOT real.

I don’t know why
Stupid are never shy
Maybe because 
Every morning
Their eggs
Are jumping from their mouths 
Absolutely happy
In a delusion
That they are omelettes. 

I don’t know why
But every evening 
Women are telling their truths
On the internet
In hope
Being treated like a human beings
But men are too busy
With the politics
Or movies
About female anatomy.

I don’t know why
But every evening 
My anxiety is
Raising awareness
In a dead-eyed competition
With my brain
About a proper good night sleep
In years.
A sleep
That’s forcing us
To forget

How we all are enjoying
The crawling curiosity 

Between debts, deadlines
And social panics –
Endless good vibes of our reality.

I don’t know why
And who wants to know…
“Nevermind” is crushing
On my floor
Just like an egg.
You are absolutely right.

x x x 

Your turn, my friend… 😂✌️☕️

Next post – Book Review ‘Bitch Doctrine: essays for dissenting adults”, Laurie Penny


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  1. RNB,

    Cracking a few shells whilst trying to figure out the meaning of life. You get exceedingly deep over breakfast, you know that?

    Good luck with your suicidal eggs. Bukowski would’ve loved this!

  2. Well done! I don’t know why either. And the poisoning of the planet has already caught up me – body is now poisoned too. And I’m still searching for real people but keep finding phantoms . . .

  3. Sneaking around your blog…I am pretty sure I have not read enough of you.

    This was hilarious but also deep social commentary woven in . Not an easy thing to do but you did it brilliantly.

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