All sorrows are less with bread. 

If you remember I bought a book (Sally Andrew, crime-novel with a recipes) during my South African trip, and after reading I decided to bake a bread from the book: KAROO FARM BREAD. I do not bake. It’s actually my first real baking in the last 20 years. Here’s a report lol I already tried it, it’s real farm bread, maybe toooo buckwheaty-taste haha but I’m a real health-freak, so it’s fine for me 🙂 

I’ve used buckwheat flour and Ethiopian flour (which is dark). I didn’t use any flakes, but oats instead. 


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  1. “Buck wheat” rocks!! Great job! Stepping back in too a skill and craft takes courage!
    It appears your rewards are plentiful! Welcome to Ms. Rays Bake and book shop! 🙂

    • Haha u r always welcome, Kinky 🙂
      Its very ‘old-fashion’ kinda bread :)) exactly what I like :)) was lots of fun & not that much mess 👋

  2. bookmaking too bad I could not taste, but I suspect the a GB formulations and the verb ending with local material (grain) as a child, I was in Sudan, where tasty cakes which look similar to and smell was very appetizing. How was in Cairo. was I

  3. Oki! If you won’t find u maybe can google…but im not sure if it’s the best flour for the bread. I think they cook some kind of thin pancakes from it & eating it with meat & spicy sauces, like Indian. The main flour I’ve used – buckwheat. Ethiopian flour gave a dark color tho :))

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