About time, love… and faith

This post is based on the book of Martin Hägglund –
“THIS LIFE: Why Mortality Makes Us Free”
(non-fiction; philosophy)

I guess you know that everything you do is divided between the past and the future. Every tiny moment. An hour. A minute. Or second… That means you are never be able to seize NOW as a present moment. Even when I am writing these words to you – today, at this moment – NOW is vanishing.
St. Augustine describe it by using verb – stretch (or tendere). In everything we do, there’s an element of stretching. In other words, time holds us together and pulls us apart. The experience of time is always distended… by us, humans.

Just imagine how fun would it be,
to stretch your favorite moments…
aaaaa, like eating ice-cream?

Love is similar to time. There’s no guarantee that you can sustain what you love. Why? Because to love is to feel happy, and happiness consists of two things:

  • having,
  • holding.

BUT… if you both – you and your beloved – are temporal, then your ‘having + holding’ will always tremble with the anticipation of mourning. We are mortals who stuck between then & later. The memories of the past may be taken away; the possibilities of future may never arrive. This is HOW our life is => opportunity and danger are inseparable.

The light of bliss is always hidden by the shadow of bliss.

If this is the condition of our life, and it is all we have, then what should we do with it?


St. Augustine states that living in this world is a matter of faith only… not religious, of course, but secular.
He says that our life is 100% secular – between NO LONGER & NOT YET. That is why all human experiences involve always an element of believing, based on their own inner moral compass. First – we believe; second – we understand; last – we say or act. This is how we live.

All that believing takes so long time sometimes…
time that we don’t have! 

To tell you the truth, you cannot (like EVERRRR!) response to me in a present moment. Look, every bit of our lives we are dependent on what is beyond our control – we can’t even spend a second in NOW! WTF?

The solution?
Noll. Zilch.

St. Augustine says: “Have faith, brothers! Be careful what you love, think, or do. Ah, and try to catch NOW! Good luck!”😂✌️

Next post – Works in Progress (update): The Secrets of A-Ria, Almost Faithful, The Pearl Territory 


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33 Responses

  1. 💕🌸💕🌸

  2. This is beautifully honest Ray, wonderful insight into the human condition.

  3. I’ll be older by the time you read this – come to think of it I’ll be older by the time I’ve finished writing this – sod it where did that time go – if you’ve got it send it back V

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Haha 😆 so true…
      hello from my past to your future 👋

  4. George F. says:

    This is a nice reminder.

  5. George F. says:

    A reminder of what, you might ask. A reminder of how fleeting life is. A reminder we are little more than virtual particles.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Exactly 👍… as long as we can “stretch NOW” – we are alive :))

  6. You had me at stretching ice cream. Good advice.

  7. Ice-cream moments…stretching from here to eternity.

  8. kinkyacres says:

    Only two things worth “stretching” and eating ice cream is one!!!

  9. Eilene Lyon says:

    There is beauty in anticipating future ice cream moments, too.

  10. Joseph Wicke says:

    Love your introspection. You make a good point about how hard it is to hang onto a moment. Life, appears to be made up of a vignettes that are either good, bad or indifferent. Perhaps this is why life’s little joyous moments are so strong? Because they are temporary. Otherwise, maybe they would grow bland? However, there is a lesson here, to try and keep your life wicked and fun. OMG… as I write this I feel the moment passing! Ahhhh!!!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Agreed about the lesson & to try keep life fun (at least some short moments between past & future) ✌️☀️

  11. It’s a humbling feeling. Realising that you can’t control time and what round the corner. Got to live in the now. If you fancy that ice cream, go for it. If you care for that person, hug them now.

  12. Sorryless says:

    Love and ice cream . . that works for me.

    And I would really love pineapple on top. I know, I’m greedy.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      I don’t know if I could survive on ice cream & love… that would be quite boring NOW 😬seems you don’t need much 🙂 niiiiceee! You should put it on your resume: how to make me happy – bring 3 things only 😀

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      And yes I’m late (again or… always). I’m editing the book and it’s a disaster

  13. markbierman says:

    I guess the closest we can come to “preserving” the moment is video or photo’s, but even then, all we’re doing is looking at a blip in time- all while time is passing . . . BOOM! Mind blown. 🙂

  14. Damn, late again. But I’m writing this in the past, while you’ll be reading it in the future. No wonder people can’t communicate . . .

  15. Inspiring post. Thank you.

    My day is not 24 hours long, but 16. Eight hours are lost in sleep. At 10am, my day is 25% over.

    “Embrace the moment. In the end, that’s all we have. Trouble will come in its own time, it always does. But that’s tomorrow. Give me today, and I will be happy.”
    John Sheridan, Babylon 5: