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Victoria Ray – 4 years of college, 6 years of university, 2 dogs, marriage, 50 countries later, and I’m writing what I’m passionate about. My favourite genres? Non-fiction, crime and sci-fi. Hobbies? Cooking, drawing, psychology/science and Ayurveda. What else? Ah, of course: I am simply awesome! I’m living in Sweden, currently working as a Digital Marketing Admin in a consulting company. I hold an PhD/MA in Classic Russian Literature.
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 (July 2019) 

“The Pearl Territory”
Chapter 17 – Unknown Voice 15 July
Vacation – out of WP-office until 23 July
Chapter 18 – #dialogue
 25 July

(August 2019) 

Book Review “The Mystery of Three Quarters”,
by Sophie Hannah
‘Cool cosmic laws’
Hagia Sophia – Christ Pantocrator
“The Pearl Territory”, ch 19 – Trotta
“The Pearl Territory”, ch 20 – #dialogue
Book Review “???” (the title is coming soon)

“The Pearl Territory”, ch 21 – Elin
Selected poems/or short story 

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