A couple of words about ‘everything’…

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“You will never get everything in life, but you will get enough.” SB

I hope you read my last post-interview about blogging – Truly Inspired


To continue this theme, I’d like to share some numbers. My Ray-blog is growing (huurrraaaahhhh!!💕), which is good, because it keeps me hoping that a lot of people are reading my posts. When I’m looking at the numbers, it looks so:

I have 2600 followers. Daily: 300 – 350 visitors (and about 500-850 views). But only if I post. If I don’t post shit – its dropping to 100-130 visitors and 200-300 views. What does it tell me? It does tell me, that I have to write like a rabbit or I should be famous & hot like Brando. But I’m neither of them. So I’m just going to chill …and write 😂

!! By the way, you can comment under this post (I switched comments #on) in case if you’d like to share some heart-warming words…

Sharing the post about blogging The blogger who wasn’t really a blogger  If you are still wearing those cute pink spectacles daily – go ahead, check it. 


Now about the poetry. One of my followers is always asking me about the poems I’m writing: (for example about this particular one) To really listen…

His question: ‘ Is it poetry?’

Yes. It is.
Why – ‘IS’?

Because the person who wrote it said SO!
(I’m not going to discuss: like, dislike or understanding).
The most important – he/or she sees it as poetry.

So here’s the rule:
This is a poem if I said so.
This is a good enough poem. At least for me.
And that’s all that matters.
Aren’t all around us a poetry?..

Maybe I belong to ‘MIND-NUMBING, ADDICTIVE SHIT’-poetry-folks, as the author of this cool post said, but I guess, that’s my personal depth and I feel fine living with it. By the way the post is fun, haha… – Word Porn

Now a little bit about ‘everything’, and writing… 

I also found this mind-blowing post, where the author is publishing the book each month.  OMGI think I’m doing something wrong!! Because I have finished my first draft in February and my second draft is still not finished. And soon is July.
My Ray’s-female-mind can’t grasp it – how is it possible to write and publish the book in a month. But I guess, everything is possible. Check it out –
 Publish a book a month plan


Next: I love the flowers photography on this blog, it’s good for the relaxation when someone is surprising you with all of the above, haha – Awesome Flowers Gallery

And the last one, there’s only ONE CURE for the Writing Block – it is …oh, you better check yourself: A Cure for Writers Block – 18+

Yes, of course, almost forgot, the book about ‘everything’ – Homo Deus! I’m on it! Review will come before the end of the week!

Reduce  stress and have fun! 😂💃

Do not forget about Cool Writing Prompt of the Week – Carpe Diem
Write – it’s good for the soul…


Next Post – book review Homo Deus 


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75 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Number crunching your game – it’s not mine per se, but as l have said before numbers is still an integral part of writing. Ray posts another interesting article. 🙂

  2. A book a month?

    My next door neighbour is a motivational speaker and last year he produced a booklet once every month – however his booklets were only 30 pages long.

    I guess if one is hyper -focused anything is possible.


    • Yes, I guess. But I can’t see how the woman for example- could do that. She have to cook and clean.. I mean u have to be on some kind of drugs or very madly in-love-with-the writing 🙂 anyway, I believe it is possible, but still happening seldom lol

      • i think the big question l would ask is WHY LOL??

        Why publish a book every month? Does one not have a life to live? as you say where is the time for the other things in life, but l guess the biggest question is more important – are they qualitable reads?

      • she or he says in the post, that the reviews are great. But I guess it is all because of the life-situation and the need of money, at least as I understood. Plus def loves writing.

      • Great raves don’t always equate to bestsellers and are they platform published or publishing house published?

        But are they also pushing a programme for sale? You know the type buy this for 100 bucks and we can teach you how to?

        I am working on 2 books, but am in no rush to complete a book a month, mine will be done when they are done 🙂

      • I dont know, seems it was urban fantasy, I dont know much about the genre.
        Maybe it is for YA, so 30,000 words. Possible if you have time and the material situation shit.
        It was self publishing if I remember well

      • Self publishing is obviously the easier route to take in consideration to publishing house. also the market is more geared towards digital reading now over hard book.

        We live in a world of blogs, people who don’t read books read more words these days than they ever did before with blogs, so digital publishing is certainly a way to go

      • Its true – for younger generation:) I’m reading e-books very seldom maybe bcz I spend a lot of time with laptop and inet.
        Agreed about self publishing but I read a couple of the books and only 1 of them (Ripples – review I posted) was a good read. I think a person who want self publish have to be 100 & 1% sure it’s “almost perfect” 😂😉😬

      • But that ‘s the truth there and then isn’t it Ray? We live in a world now where almost anything can be published digitally, Things that a publisher would cast away as rubbish are now platform published.

        There is a market for everything and there is always someone willing to spend money on something.

        Recently l paid $10 for what l thought was a book on something l am researching only to discover it was a PDF document, it served it’s purpose, but no one had proof read it.

        Now we all make mistakes with writing, l tend to spend twenty minutes prior to publishing a post checking for errors, but even once published l see errors and correct them. But much of the publishing market doesn’t do that now.

      • About mistakes in the blog/posts – it’s okay. Simply bcz it’s written in a short amount of time and it’s mostly – for sharing* 🙂 but to make/or have a lot of mistakes in the published work/book is NOT okay, even for me who is a foreigner.
        But agreed about the digital publishing market nowadays- in general u can pick 15-20 posts, and hellooo – the book is ready lol & so many ppl does just THAT! They r rushing..:)) I find it irresponsible and irritating. What is the point? Make a blog and post your writing…but no, they want to sale it as an extremely “mind-blowing” piece of art. Ahhh, anyway, anything is Art nowadays so they r probably right.
        Still prefer good books and ideas…

      • From other side: what is “good” for me – maybe crap for another. Books & writing & art is a personal thing.

      • very much so 🙂

      • I suppose another question l would ask, and even thinking on it now am asking, is it important to publish 1] a book and 2] a book every month and 3] what purpose apart from financial is it serving to publish a book every month?

      • financial, she or he said in the post – it gives 3-numbers a day kinda income.
        Mmm, love writing. Maybe hyper, hyper. Anyway, I commented there but got no answer, sigh

      • So most assuredly platform publishing, but then if you can knock out that kind of wordage a day, you could freelance and get paid similiar money without having to publish a book every month.

      • Lol true that 😉 but who knows, there’re more reasons to that probably…

  3. Who is to say what is and isn’t poetry? I find that an odd question to ask.

    • I’ve got one follower who asking it quite often lol 😂 he’s a very long-therm follower so I’m usually never mad 😉😬

      • That is fine. I have no problem with his question. I just think the definition of “art” can grow to be so many things.

        Here in NYC I have seen art exhibits where amazing sculptures were constructed out of garbage fished out of trash cans. Once there was an exhibition of art made out of fecal matter. Who is to question what art truly is?

      • Yeah but in my case – ppl often do not understand what I’m writing 😂😉 so after a while they r starting to ask: is it so? why? I don’t understand and so on…
        Agreed about “art”. It is everywhere and everything- #expression of self

  4. It is poetry damn it ! Love it, and I need a Teddy Bear like that one 🙂

  5. Woah! Those are big numbers!
    I’ve only just begun reading yoir posts so pardon me if I don’t know which poem we’re talking about here but I do believe that expressing art in any form can not be defined.
    I enjoyed reading this post so I’m probably gonna explore your blog to more depths. And I’d really appreciate if you could check out my blog cuz I’m a newbie and I’d really appreciate more views😁
    The latest post- fictivefinesseff.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/company-the-dark-times/
    Happy reading!

  6. esoterica says:

    I love your rule for defining poetry. 😉 I am super excited to see your review of Homo Deus, as it’s on my to-read list.

    • It’s #mustread lol bcz the book is literally about everything:)) eh & thank u 💕 but I think I can’t give a full review (too many themes & ideas) so I’m going to pick the most delicious ones to share :))

  7. Thank you Ray 🙂 <3

  8. iScriblr says:

    “Yes. It is.
    Why – ‘IS’?
    Because the person who wrote it said SO!’

    Love love love this!❤

  9. I was fascinated reading this post especially when you say ‘If I don’t post shit – its dropping to 100-130 visitors and 200-300 views’. When I don’t post my total views can dip to 10 and as a rule people don’t comment, hmm why is this? I’m sure it’s due to content but I’m happy and having fun so all’s good btw I love your blog varies between themes.

    • At first – I have a lot of followers, ppl reading content/blog in diff times of the day (some r living in US, some in EU), plus many of them r blogging only 2-3 times a week. Means – they r arriving at this blog in diff times, even if I’m on the rest.
      About Content. I think they loves me bcz I’m writing odd stuff in non-pure English lol 😂 NO? 😅😂 but to be honest – I promote the shit out of this blog time to time! Also I have quite a lot of stories now: so if anyone missed something- he or she can read later. Your blog is kinda new. So it will come, with a time.
      Plus u haven’t read my “Truly Inspired” interview (I guess) lol – bcz I said there HOW I start my day. And I advice you to start ur day in the same way. That’s the point of blogging too: be social or die 😂😂

    • And maybe I’m cute…I dunno 🤷‍♀️ 😉

  10. Yay, comments back on. Now I have writer’s block. No, really I enjoyed your definition of poetry. Make sense to me. Good job, Ray.

  11. Thank you for posting the gif of Kelly LeBrock, reminds me of my more innocent youth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your patience, and undying love of your writing!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ooops forgot………….when ‘Teddy’ is thru with the Dracula teeth send them to me in the US! 🙂

  14. Kitty Jade says:

    Yay, comments! Haha I have been waiting for them for quite some time – I always gave something to say about your fabulous blog!
    A lovely kind of post – and definitely looking forward to your book.
    If you are not already having a good time:
    Have a good time! 😂
    Erin | http://kittyjadeblog.com

  15. Hi

    Thank you. I am happy to see your  writing. It gives me a thoughtful thinking and am  happy for that. That is always my intention to see a post that gives me happiness.

    Am happy  to share at least a part of that happiness and love here as am  writing now.

    What you said in your post  is true, sometimes just a drop of that magical post in your blog  is enough to get a person to be happy.

    Well, If I wish to be happy is inevitable to keep the vibes flowing.



    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    • Thank You lots 🙂 for a very positive comment 🙂 and have a great weekend ahead! ✌️😎💕

      • Thanks for replying me. This reply means alot to me.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone.
        Thanks. Again.

        You welcome dear friend.

        You can also check on my blog for the recent post and say your own views and contribution on it.
        I did a good post about:

        Just needed your contribution on it

        You can check on it now.
        Keep the vibes on.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

        Enjoy this weekend

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

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