A couple of words about blogging…

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No, this is not the usual post with 1,2,3-advices or how you have to ‘integrate’ with people to become a better blogger. But you have to.

1. The most important thing about blogging – To Have Fun.

If you doesn’t have fun – just fkn drop it for a week, or two, or month…

What it feels like? 

As some of you know, I have started blogging in December 2016. In April 2017 I dropped out for almost 8 months. And then, in December 2017 I got back and started to write like …yeah, nothing happened. Because – nothing happened.

Squeeze your brains around it!
Accept it as it is!
That’s OKAY to take pause from the blogging sometimes.

Do not worry about “ah, people will forget about me”, and no, no, stop crying … OF COURSE they are going to forget about you, sooner or later – because THEY DON’T KNOW YOU ANYWAY!

Blogging is about YOU having FUN while blogging… That’s ALL!

2. Second important thing – the followers.

With time you will understand that there’re different types of folks here. Be patient! Do not expect some crazy integrations. I know you are awesome, but some people just CAN NOT communicate the way you does.

GO ahead and learn about the WordPress-groups: 

  • older peeps will expect you to write ass-boring-smart-articles;
  • younger folks – about love & …yeah right, more love. Or anything funny;
  • religious groups, who will probably read your texts and say “ewwww, that’s just nasty!” and will never comment. Be ready;
  • kids. WP is full of them. They just can’t grasp what you are talking about, because they need at least 10 more years of the bad life-experiences to get the message. Don’t get frustrated;
  • the followers, who are ‘hiding’ or ‘too shy’. They are usually commenting too much or not at all. Both variants are awful, because they first drain all the strength out of you in one day & give nothing on the next.
  • followers who feel ‘Superior’. Yeah. They are SMART. Smarter than you. That’s why I always tell them – ‘sure you are smart, darling! Go grab that huge dictionary and re-read it again. Feel the satisfaction in your veins?’;

Oh, the world is full of different people. Sane & weird. And then…there’s you.

Do not try to balance between them or fit in – just go back to #1…

My long-therm WP-follower (gosh, feels like a partner 😂) – Jeanne, wrote a very interesting post, I’d advice to check: We really don’t know each other, do we? – mmm, nope.

And this is The Only Right Answer!
But do not get “bitter”, my dear…

And here I had the conversation about “to praise or not to praise” the writing, on Legitimate Unfunny Blog… – Enough about you for now…

At the end I’d like to add a couple of words about “communication” or “integration”. Someone  is going to tell you  – that’s the deal! You must burst your brains off over the commenting. You probably should time to time. But be ready – it’s very exhausting after a couple of years.

I think the most important thing…ta-ta, again – TO HAVE FUN!

I hate the feeling of “obligation to go there don’t know where – to comment” or folks, who are coming over and leaving the links “great post, now, pls be kind and check my writings…”

Yeah. I am kind. But I hate you!


Yes. Of course I’m coming over to your page.
Because I am kind.
And because I hate you.
And because of alllll that –
I have to check now HOW AWESOME YOU ARE…
And you better be.
(using my “Negan” voice from ‘The Walking dead’)

But because I hate you – I love you even more. I love you until the end, and if there’s a life after that – I’ll love/or hate you even more…

Keep Calm…it is almost The End 😂

You are probably wanna hate me back. And that’s OKAY. Always remember – the hate eats you from the inside, that’s why I do not hate anyone. Not really.
And at least you had fun, while reading my post. I know you did… don’t lie to me.


P. S. The word ‘almost’ used for Fandago’s One Word Challenge

Next post – Ayurveda/Mindfulness and ‘The Stalking Challenge’ (tomorrow)


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