A box full of darkness

To all of you out there who are feeling unmotivated after receiving “one more rejection letter” from an agent or the publishing company:

“I finished my first book seventy-six years ago. I offered it to every publisher on the English-speaking earth I had ever heard of. Their refusals were unanimous: and it did not get into print until, fifty years later; publishers would publish anything that had my name on it.”George Bernard Shaw

Gotcha George!

As you know, I’m planning to publish my debut book “So Absurd It Must Be True” by the middle, or latest, end of January. Of course, I’ll also send it around to different publishing houses, but, the chance of publishing traditionally adult humor or collection of odd stories with a mix of erotica, is very small, and who has time to wait?

This is why I decided to self-publish, which entails me having to edit, create a book cover, and also format the book. I decided that it will both: in print and an e-book. And also, there is a need for publishing and marketing, with the latter being more difficult and time-consuming. Apart from the writing which I did myself, I will need to employ the services of a professional for the editing and designing of the book cover. A professional look is a must!

For the formatting of the book, I have decided to buy Vellum – a software that can give your book any look/format. So yeah, I’ll format it myself. Let’s hope it is easy. Of course, self-publishing is a difficult process because you have to do every single detail by yourself (or hire someone to fix it for you).

My next book – young adult/adventure, fantasy/non-fictional novel about Dulcinea, is scheduled for March or April. It will be a max of 47-50,000 words. I understand this is a small word count to send to a publisher. But Ray will send anyway. I know, I know, the genre is totally messed up. But hey, you can call it anything. There is even a pitch of LGBT there. Why not? Ray is modern AsF!

Ray is soon to be 3500 years old, and followers. I don’t even know why people are following me. But, hopefully, they love the mix of the odd and sexy on the pages of my blog. I really appreciate this because, for a non-native English blogger/writer, it is a big deal.

A couple of shares:

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4. ABlogFromtheUK – about boobs 💃, girls and body image. Ah, we need it today!
5. RandomWalkThroughIntelligentUniverse Blog – ouch, that was a very long name. Time to visit and answer the question – ARE YOU READY FOR PAUL? or any hero in this story. 

Take a look when you have time. Maybe this weekend? 💃☕️

x x x

Here is a magical goodnight tale for you, my awesome followers. A dark tale for black weekends. However, it looks more like a cool prologue to the novel. But no worries. I don’t have time to expand it into a perfect horror book as I am too busy with Mars’ research and story. I’m actually a kick-ass idea generator, so if anyone needs one, ask Ray. Maybe I’m working in the wrong field and instead should spend my time writing prologues, blurbs, pitches, and synopsis 😂😂.


Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.
C.G. Jung

I wiped up traced of my own vomit and went downstairs. It’s dark with just enough light to step down.
“How could I kill him? Why did I do that?”
By default.
The darkness crashed on the left side of my heart and whispered, “Time for a slow burn”. It grew heavier, dropped to my feet, and clenched its black arms around me.


I was surprised when a doorbell rang since no-one knew where I was. I looked at myself in the mirror – a flowing white dress and bloody hand sticking out of the gloom.
“What the hell!”
I could no longer hide how sick I felt. I removed the white dress and self-projected fear, followed the motion of my spine, and opened the door.
“Death!” darkness said aloud.
“Not now. I will meet you in one hour.”


The next morning, I flew to Luxembourg. My hair was bound in a bun and my energy pinned to a surprisingly bleak police badge.
“I killed someone”, I almost said at the customer office.
Or maybe it was just a dream?
A dream? The wall, smeared in blood, and the heart, infected with a disease. I should be sitting on the chain, but instead, I’m wearing a mask.
“Listen, I think darkness would suit you”, said a mysterious voice.
“Why are you here?” I asked.
“I am worried about you”. Black shadow wiped the tears, leaving a trace of grief behind.
“You can’t stay with me”, I said.
“I know. But, I’d like to meet you again”.
At that moment, people started to rush and knocked me on the floor.


Sometimes at night, I can hear them. Then the voices fade and I fall asleep. You know what I mean…

Tada! How it feels? Do you like the story? 😎😱

Next post on this blog – about Mars. Hopefully, it will be posted on November 26 because on this date, NASA’s InSight lander is scheduled to land on Mars. This is the first mission since 2012 and we’ll probably find out whether Mars’ core is solid or liquid. I hope, liquid. You?
InSight will also measure “marsquakes” and record how much and how often the red planet shakes and wobbles. OMG…I feel we are closer than ever to the reality called “A human colony on Mars”.

The book review of Jina S. Bazzar, “Heir Of Ashes”, will be posted on November 28 or 29.  I have already started to read and it feels good.

Next post – “There’s no planet M”

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  1. Yay! Excited about your book, Victoria. Of course, you know that means I am going to write a review post. 😀😀
    Btw, since men are from Mars, I think they will most probably find bikes and PS4s and golf clubs in the core. 😉

    • Lol thank you 🙂 we’ll see what they’ll find on Mars I can’t write so quickly so this story about Mars is scheduled for publishing in 2020 only lol but when I’ll publish my young adult book Dulcinea – would be fun to hear feedback. 🕺🕺💙

  2. The energy it takes to submit writing: query letter, synopsis, research agents that fit my manuscript, etc. and then the rejections … this is not for the feint of heart.

    • True…it’s enormous time-consuming job I understand it fully now. I’m sure George had hard times too after all years of rejections, but hey, now we all know his name!! I decided I’ll do all submitting in Rays way: one same query letter to all agents & publishers. lol And one synopsis. I already wrote it I just need to edit them. 2 pages. Then I’ll edit one more time my full text in December (Im going to hire native English). After that I’ll send it around. And no, I do not expect that they all want to publish it bcz it’s a collections of short stories (in modern time u have to be Tolstoy or Dickens to get a contract for publishing of short stories) BUT I hope I won’t get more than 99,999 rejection lol in any case I’ll self-publish it in the same time.
      But honestly I don’t know how it will turn out. It will be fun journey anyway. If u love what u do – stick & continue, I’d say so. And nope, Ray doesn’t know if he love it or no 😂 (I mean the writing). It’s kinda depressing and stressful sometimes.

  3. Thumbs up for George! It means I don’t have to be sorry about what I wrote 6, 9 or 12 years ago!
    Thank you Victoria for visiting me! So I could find you. I collect got writers. 😁

    • Thank you 🙂 And yes, always remember George’s words, because you never know what your fate is…maybe 10 years from now everybody will worship you in the writing world 🙂

  4. Awesomeness is a Ray of hope. I do recommend Vellum. It’s easy to use and does professional quality formatting. I have it on my iMac which committed suicide not long ago and I have not been able to bring it back to life yet. You are quite a busy writer and I can imagine you will get busier with all your projects. Your new story is classic Ray writing and so it will be loved by all. Go for it!

    • Oh cool thx for sharing a couple of words about vellum, I’m going to buy it in December. So how do you write if your Mac is dead? :/ I’m busy yeah, But I’ll try to push outta me only 2 books this 2019. A new classic-Ray-story must wait until I’ll get more time haha

      • Hi Ray, I’m forced to use my iPad and ancient Dell laptop. I actually have withdrawal symptoms from not having Vellum available to me. I have to take my iMac to the Apple store for an autopsy then I can decide what to do. Death takes everything, even my only copy of Vellum. 😰. I look forward to 2019 and all things Victoria Ray.

  5. So exciting 🎉🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻And may be our books will be out at the same time💃🏻amazing looking forward to read it.
    Great blogs suggestions 😀

    • Ah I feel so George!! Never give up-spirit! :)) 😂😂 if they (publishers) will say that they don’t wanna print Rays books – 50 years from now…mmm interesting, do you think we still going to have publishing houses 50 years from now? I doubt that :)) but Ray will be here 🤪

    • Lol 😂 nothing new there (just all weird stories I posted during 2 years of blogging, editing them now). I deleted all content (short stories) & I’m planning to publish as the book at the end of January. Hopefully. Depends on book cover design

  6. Great news! Promotion is key. From what I’ve read, even the publishers don’t really lift a hand when it comes to promotion. I’ll be publishing again, too. 🙂

    • Yeah promotion is a key now, that’s true. Kinda time & money consuming job lol but I’ll try to do my best…
      and awesome! Share your books with the world 🌎!!

  7. Okay, I finally got past the Shaw quote and I saw you gave me a reblog. I’m both grateful and impressed! I guess you weren’t blowing smoke when you said it was “Awesome.” Thanks. I’ll leave it up a bit longer.

    • I think you should at least leave on your page info about book/novel – kinda pitch or blurb & heroes 🙂 otherwise what’s the point lol
      Or are u worried that ppl will steal it? 🙂

      • Not worried that ppl will steal it…just old posts never get read so I delete, put up fresh new content, get read, get comments…then delete again. But I’ve been asked more than once to leave up this synopsis, which I’ll do. Thanks!

  8. Good luck with the self-publishing journey, should it come to that. A sometimes lonely and frustrating path, but at least one’s work gets out there, and at least we now have that option. And yes, the ‘mix of the odd and sexy’ is just great – what better combination?

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