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‘Psychic hearing’ – writing challenge

A new challenge for this week: 20 September – 25 September. Have fun!

Choose any variant
#1 What would happen with the world, if we all could hear each others thoughts? 

#2 You can hear what the other person think about you. Describe the thoughts of: 

  1. your neighbour
  2. friend of your kids (if you have any) or any chosen animal
  3. thoughts of the barista in your fav cafe 
  4. co-worker
  5. aliens

Do not forget: LINK/or pingback to this post! You can post the link in the comment field as well. Genre – any. 

My example
The shadows of Ray’s day – #2 

A) my neighbour

‘Always at home. Nice life. Probably she is a spy. Or maffia. Because if she isn’t sick, why she is always at home? What? Working? Haha. Might be so, but the question is – ‘WHEN’? All she is doing: in and out with dogs, in and out shopping, in and out with food rests, in and out cleaning. Hm. Something is wrong. I can smell it…’ 

B ) a snail in my backyard

‘This place would be so fkn peaceful without this giant woman and her crocodilish dogs. Why are they shittin’ so much? It’s like non-stop pooping all day long. I probably could deal with the smell around my house, but she is always pushing my tower closer to the bushes…and I’m spending hoursssss, trying to get out from the darkness. She hates me! Beeetchhhh!’

C) barista in my fav cafe

’How a normal person can eat 4 cakes each week, drink litres of cappuccino’s and still look good? She is probably a gym freak. For sure. Eat to the fullest – exercise until you die. What? Again! She wanna try a new chocolate cake. We’d bake for you only, miss! You make this place go around…’11E) alien 

‘No, noooo, don’t kill her, dad! Not yet. She’s fun. Last year she wanted to go to Florida, then later she changed it to Morocco, then to Spain, then to Rome. Or was it Wien? I got lost in the process. But it was entertaining. And then she said she’d write a book about us, aliens, but it’s kinda from the same show – ‘Forever Waiting’. Idk, does she ever do as she say?’

x x x

Thank you all for the comments! I do what I can to check your posts. There’s never rest in ‘this’ family. 😎😱 Today I spent my day at the hospital, taking different blood tests and even got meds. Seems I’ll be fine. I am fine…so expect sloooowwww return!

Next post – #coolprompts 


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