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‘The Pearl Territory’

Journal log. 1 #private
Captain Pain Berchpull

Where should I start? Maybe from the moment when a gamma X-ray hit the Earth and wiped off all the life there. The biggest ever microwave- extinction… Basically, we did expect the deadly event, that’s why we built the base on Mars. 

We have built the life there. 1700 of us. 

Sometimes I think about the last words of my dad: ‘The scariest thing is not when there’s nobody left on the face of the Earth (or beyond) who knows you, but when nobody knows what is a human being anymore…’
I’m agree, but in my darkest moments I’m still asking myself: ‘Should we look at the X-ray event as a new start (being born again) OR should we simply accept the fact that Mother Nature is right… and let her sweep us away from the face of this Universe?’
Humans are too ambitious to let go. They are riding on the back of a dragon, chasing everything at once. 

‘Never stop dreaming – never get too comfortable.’

Here we are – flying high, wings all spread, looking at ourselves in a awe, but living outside of the Earth. Sometimes our ambition becomes our biggest enemy. 

Surround yourself with people who understands you. Right…
Being a child of the Earth on Mars is a difficult thing. Because I know how it is – to live free, to enjoy being outside, to feel the sun on your skin and watch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. They – don’t.
Mars is not home. Never will be. Of course for kids who are born here, on the planet of the huge dust storms that lasts for months, the walk outside without the IC-helmet seems like a fairytale. They do not miss the Earth as I do…

Today we finally saw the Pearl – the ninth planet we were looking for so long. The most eccentric planet of our Universe. The perfect place to start a new world. The first thought of Boulder (Jakobs) when he saw the Pearl: “Why is it so dark if it is covered in the water?” Ichi (Vara) said: “Haha, who cares? We should consider ourselves lucky. Guys, I feel, this rock is possessed by life!”

The view from the space was astonishing…

I contacted the Chef of HS-Mission, Carnelian Snabb, with the report about our next movements. We decided to use a new B3-Gen capsule (a capsule for 3 passengers). 

Who’s are they, the chosen ones?
It’s my call. Again.
Following to the Pearl:

  • Boulder Jakobs 
  • Mimo Bauer 

We are going to leave Alma, Ichi and Goe on the ship in case if we need help. Goe Podge is our best aerospace and avionics engineer. Alma Umi is taking care about communications, plus she is smart-spacecraft-knows-everything-chick. Ichi Vara is a great ‘stabilizer’ in the critical situations. He knows what to do if we’ll never get back. Ichi is also the child of the Earth with a robotic background. I trust him.

So what do we know about the Pearl so far?

  1. The whole planet is covered in the water. How deep is it – we don’t know. Most important question: ‘if there’s water – there’s life’?
  2. The air temperature seems between 80 to 221 F. It is only a guess. We aren’t sure if it is possible to breathe there… our crazy calculations – 50/50. 
  3. A usual day is almost 1 Marsian year long. That means we don’t need to worry about the darkness. Or do we?
  4. Unexpectable course change.   
  5. Gravity is much stronger than on the Earth, that means we are going to struggle with walking. If on the Mars we are used to jump 3 times higher than our own length then what to expect on the Pearl? To be sucked in into the ocean?
  6. The Pearl has a strong global magnetic field to deflect radiation particles, and its atmospheric blanket is 140 times tighter than Earth’s. This difference make the radiation dose on the Martian surface about one-third as intense as in unprotected open space on Pearl. We believe we don’t need any radiation shielding, but we will wear it anyway. 

Tomorrow. 22 July 2718.
Tomorrow we’ll take the first steps on the Pearl’s surface.
What we’ll bring with us? Compassion, trust, empathy, love or more pain and disorder?..


x x x 

I’ve finally posted it. At least – something 😂. This week was crazy for me… lots of choosing and ordering/buying furniture for the house, rugs, decor, cleaning, guests. And NO, I didn’t read anything. I couldn’t find even a second to read a book page.
In the evenings I’m so ‘lifeless’, all I can is  – sleeeeep haha 

I’ll try to post some pictures on Sunday (when the guests will leave) and plan something new/fun/ for the next week. And I’m planning to continue with the posts: ‘There’s only ONE Genre in fiction’ and Book Review ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’, James Runcie (I’m still reading it lol)

x x x

My dog Daisy is Ok so far, but she’ll have a surgery in Stockholm on 8 October.  It is actually the only one best surgery place/modern clinic/ in the whole Sweden. Can you believe it??? (I’m glad we are living only 1 hour driving from it).

Have an awesome weekend! 

Next post – ‘There’s only ONE genre in fiction’


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