‘8 things to know before knocking on my door’ #challenge

A new challenge for this week: 27 August – 2 September. Have fun!


  1. Somebody is knocking on your door (or ringing a doorbell) – describe your thoughts & behaviour. 
  2. Or use the word ‘knock’ in your text.
  3. The style and genre – any. You can also use the pictures or gifs. 
  4. Nominate up to 3 blogs if you like (non-obligatory). Anyone can participate. Link to my page if you’d like me to come over and read your post 😁

My Example
‘8 things to know before knocking on my door’

1. I panic

Because I don’t know who you are, my wonderful friend… I might be simply surprised 😂 ‘Surprised’ means – stressed, ‘stressed’ means – confused, ‘confused’ means – fear, ‘fear’ means – terror… should I continue? 

2. I hide

Now imagine… my first floor (even the hall & kitchen) has floor-to-ceiling windows. Doesn’t matter where I’m hiding – you’ll see me. But I’m hiding anyway. I am like a snake trying to melt into the floor.


3. I am deaf

Knocking on the door affects my hearing abilities. ALA_LA_LA_LA_LA – I can’t hear you!!! We are living in the loud world, where everything is a sound. 

4. I’m a shadow runner

Running – to the second floor, where nobody can see me…


5. I’m a watcher

I’m usually finding a nice spot behind the curtains and trying to observe you from the above. I feel powerful. Life is good! Yo!

6. If I know you – I smile (the most happy face ever, big smiles)

But nope. I’m not happy. I’m just too kind. I probably know and like you, but you took me by surprise … how could you???


7. I’m looking for snacks

Stress makes us hungry! The hormones it unleashes, and the effects of high-fat, sugary “comfort foods” push people toward overeating. Researchers have linked weight gain to stress, so your knocking on the door makes me FAT! 


8. I’m talking with you…’in my head’. 

Yes, I’m aware you can’t hear me. 

Now you know what you are dealing with…


The plan for the week is – HERE

P.S. We have visited a vet today (with Daisy, our dog, 9yo) and next step before the operation is – oncologist appointment. We hope she doesn’t have the aggressive type of cancer. She feel well, eat, walk and play as usual. 


Next post – #coolprompts ‘When dialogue fails’

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