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‘Chocolate shrimp’ short story (18+)

Gamberi al Cioccolato! – short story

Inspired by painting of Jean-Etienne Liotard – “The chocolate girl”
Also written for the #coolprompts – Titus and #FOWC with Fandango – word reflex


Juliet – maid (assassin)
Claudia – neighbour
Titus – chef of the royal kitchen
Romeo – caretaker
Hamlet – doctor
Lear – governor 


Scene 1

Midnight. Backyard. Whispers in the bushes.

Hamlet: No need to cover up, baby. I always knew you were hot, but damn, girl, I didn’t know you were hiding all that sexiness.
Juliet: (rolling her eyes) You are an idiot!
Hamlet (singing):
I wanna boom bang bang with your body, yo

We gonna rough it up before we take it slow

The voice in the speakers:
Titus: What you think is going to happen isn’t going to!!

Juliet is leaving in a hurry. 

The bedroom of Titus.

Titus (smiling wickedly): It’s perfectly fine to want some shrimps in the middle of the night, dear.
Juliet: Is it?
Titus: In fact, I’m kind of turned on by seeing and eating shrimps.
Juliet: Look at how excited you are…
Titus: ‘The thought of Hamlet f”ckin’ you has me so aroused I can’t take it.

The passion filled their bodies as his shrimp melted into her sweet lagoon.

The kitchen. Early morning. 

Claudia: I need to get away from this awful boredom in my house and take care of this ache between my thighs.
Romeo (his rough tongue against her lips): Here comes your breakfast, my love…

Claudia is trying to unbutton his pants, pushing them down, along with his boxers. 

Titus (entering the room, holding an empty glass): I’m sure my vibrator isn’t going to give you the relief you need, Clau, but it will help.
Claudia: I’m your sister, dammit.
Titus: Half-sister. And I always wanted you for myself. And I still do.
Claudia: You are screwing Juliet. But…I do feel a bond with you I have never felt with anyone else.
Romeo (shocked): I’m here, Claudia. And I am horny (violently sucking her thumb).
Titus (mesmerised by Romeo’s sound): We don’t have a problem sharing you. In fact, we are more than willing to share you. Right, Claudia? Let us love you, Romeo. I swear you won’t regret it.
Claudia (surprised): The things you are saying make no sense. What are you suggesting?
Titus: Just roll over for a sec hon.

Lunch. The kitchen.

Romeo is alone, heavy breathing, still on the kitchen table. 

Juliet (opens the door): I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but I find it hot as hell.
Romeo: Please, double my pleasure, Juliet. 

Juliet: My hands are flushed with desire (pushing Hamlet back on the table).
Romeo: We are a great team, Juliet. 

Juliet (with sarcasm): You are just a real keeper, ain’t you? 


Juliet: I can’t concentrate, because your cock is stuffed in my mouth.
Romeo (trying to navigate his soft tired wood, covered in sweaty long curls): You are so sensitive lately.  I can’t believe you want a release from my glorious torture (his grip tightens).

Juliet’s fingers clutching Romeo’s shrimp hard enough to leave red marks on his pale tired skin. 

Romeo (screaming): What’s going on?

Juliet is cutting off his shrimp (as well as the head) while thinking: ‘Nice tool. Like a laser gun.’

Scene 2

Dinner in the house of Lear, the governor.  

Juliet: Here’s your chocolate, Sir.
Lear: Only one shrimp? Hm.
Juliet: I do what I can, Sir.
Lear: I want Hamlet’s shrimp prepared a la Juliet in 70% chocolate sauce. Tomorrow!!


Lear: I know Hamlet didn’t please you. Yesterday, in the bushes. I want to give you the pleasure he never did. My sword has been hard since you entered the room, Juliet!
Juliet: I’d call it the perfect opportunity, Sir.

Juliet growled, yanking him towards her huge breasts in a violent motion that made her whole body shake…

Dining room in the house of Titus. #afterdinner

Titus: So what do we know? Let’s start with a timeline…
Claudia: Don’t talk to us like we are stupid and you are the boss. Whoever did it has a great skills, cool nerves and the reflexes of an athlete (looking at Hamlet with the suspicion).
Hamlet: According to the forensic report, Romeo died a few hours after lunch. The evidence indicates that he had a sexual intercouse with a several people…
Juliet (loud): I wasn’t in the house. I left the house to meet Lear.
Hamlet: It leaves us with Titus and you, Claudia.
Claudia: Do not forget yourself, Doc!

A fight. Claudia and Hamlet are killed.

Titus (out of breath, flirting): Hey…bae. We are so lucky to have each other.
Juliet: Right. But I can’t do it right now, as I’m sure you understand. It’s been a long day and I have to clean up.
Titus: Come on! Let’s celebrate! (hugging her from behind, and breathing against Juliets neck)

The music is roaring from the pool outside. 

Titus: It’s going to be one hell of a night. Haha.
Juliet: The last ride-night, Titus. The last ride…
Titus (while patting the bed): What do you mean?

Juliet is picking her machete…to cut off one more powerful shrimp.

Juliet: (in silence) Time to prepare Gamberi al Cioccolato for my King Lear…


Next day. The house of Lear.

Lear was poisoned. His last words: ‘I’m too aroused to consider dying…’

The end.  

P. S. I haven’t been blogging or reading for a while, but I’ll get back next week and do what I can. My dog Daisy has problems with her health (tumor/lump).
The plan for the next week is  – HERE

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