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That day when Nietzsche interviewed me…

Nietzsche said ‘it is NEVER too late to pick up his challenge..😉’
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One day at a time...

I was nominated by Ray to do this Q&A. It took me long enough, but I finally got to it. Nietzsche would be proud that I did not forget about him.

1 rule – do NOT lie to Nietzsche.

1. What makes one heroic?
Heroism is doing something against all odds. Something others would not expect you to do. Something others would be afraid to do. Something you do for selfless reasons.

2. In what do you believe?
That is a very non specific question. because I am a religious person, I believe in God. I also believe in myself. But I am not sure what else I believe in. Everything around us can prove to be a lie in one way, or another.

3. What does your conscience say?
My conscience is pretty clean. It used to ask: “Are you sure?”, or say: “That is not a good idea.”…

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