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‘The Plant Paradox’, Dr. Steven R. Gundry or Know Your Enemies!

Last 3 days – green smoothies, spinach, pecans, avocado and roman salat, so called ‘Paradox of July’ …in case if you are wondering what I’m doing, sigh – explanation is here 😂😂 

Becky All-Inclusive

We want to live a happy healthy life. We are trying to find different ways to achieve that perfect health everybody is talking about.

Your dietary dilemma is solved!
Today…by Becky and Dr Steven R. Gundry.

The problem is your gut is under ATTACK, and you, poor fella, don’t know about it. I guess you are expecting the usual chat – ‘the modern foods and diet makes you FAT and SICK’, which is true, by the way… but I’ll go further and say – whatever you have learned in your years of hard-time-dieting and trying to figure out what to eat and what don’t – you still don’t know your real ENEMY! Not yet.

The name of your ENEMY is LECTIN.
It is some kind of a nazi and we are at the WAR!

Here’s more clear explanation, based on the book ‘The Plant Paradox’, by Steven R. Gundry, MD

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