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‘World Map’ Challenge 

A new challenge for this week: 23 july – 29 july. Have fun!


  1. Choose your dream spot destination (never been before!).
  2. Explain shortly – why would you like to visit the place? (you can add the photo)
  3. Pick any literary hero or author and create a story, flash or poem about visiting that dream-destination. 
  4. The style and the genre of the writing – any. Link to the blog that nominated you. Bend the rules if you have to…
  5. Spread the challenge: nominate 3-5 blogs. 

My example
‘Sappho in Rapa Nui’ 

My dream spot destination today – Easter Island. Why? Because of Moai-dudes. 

The moai  – monolithic human statues carved from a single piece of stone (they are usually 10 meters in height). Each moai is different: they’re fat, thin, big, small, tattooed… I’d like to see if there’s any Laughing Moai on the island, and if there’s none – I have to build one hahaeaster-island-heads-one-smiling-at-night-don-farrall

A Hymn To Rapa Nui

Isla de Pascua, the power of Giants,
Full of love-perplexing wiles.
Please, remove the heat in my knickers
By the song about soft pains of Lust.

O, gentle goddess, hear me now!
I want his big, bright, immortal Charm
Inside of me. Yes, I am confessing
To you. Force him to study with passion
My Bowl full of goodies.


Hovering in air and watching…
How his rocky almighty 3 feet-Beast
Is slowly dripping tears of pleasure.

Ah, he loves torturing my stoic flower.
Do not stop, Moai! It needs a new life.
Every single moment…

Sappho, 2018 (by Ray)

Share your dream-spots, folks 😉 anyone is welcome to participate! 

Here you’ll find my plan for 2 weeks ahead (because I’m traveling)Weekly Teaser

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