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#coolprompts ‘The Shakespeare Treasury’ – Titus

#coolprompts for this week, 23 July – 29 July 

Variant #1
Shakespeare is the best-known dramatist in the world and his plays, characters and language have outlived their original context.

The word of this week – Titus – use it in your text.

Info: ‘Titus’ is the first play of Shakespeare and the most violent one. There’re 14 killings, 1 rape, 1 live burial, 1 case of insanity, 1 case of cannibalism. 

Serving His Enemies Baked In A Soufflé

Variant #2
Some controversy surrounds Shakespeare’s poetry. Exactly what did he write and to whom, in the case of the sonnets, was he writing?

Use 2 first lines from the sonnet below to write your own poem, flash or the story. Add a modern twist (we are living in XXI after all…)


OBS! If you are going to write your own sonnet, remember – 14 lines! 2 last is the twist.

To participate: post a story, poem/sonnet or flash on your blog, tag the post – #coolprompts, or pingback to Raynotbradbury’s post (or any last post on Ray’s blog), if you want me to come over, read and comment. Any genre/style is welcome! No boundaries at all! It’s OKAY to bend the rules. Have fun!

I’ll try to come up with my own example during this week!
Anyone is welcome to try.

Next post – ‘World Map’ Challenge 


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21 thoughts on “#coolprompts ‘The Shakespeare Treasury’ – Titus Leave a comment

  1. Titus was born
    Under the eye of a storm
    Rainwater carried his bed
    Around the world and back again
    Oh, all the things he had seen
    Life is a dream
    Drifting at sea
    It’s so hard to believe
    – Young the Giant.
    It’s a song I remembered from your prompt. 😉😊

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