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Psycho – Logical Tale “The Art Of Charm or How To Find Your Swagger” (18+)

Inspired by the painting: The Burgomaster’s Family, Gerard Donck c. 1640 



Mr Gerard Donck The Fifth – narrator
Mr EndlessStream – florist
Mr SlideMeatIn&Out  – meat clerk
Mr HotJizz  jeweller

Mrs DrippingPleasure – the widow
Mrs GaspingForAir – burgomaster’s wife

x x x

It was an early Tuesday morning, 6:30 am.

The queue to the shop ‘Mixed Desire’ was the longest I had ever seen in this little town. A perfect mix of curvy and slim bodies jarred me from my darkest thoughts and made me feel alive.
I have checked reflection in the window. Wow! Again?! Mrs DrippingPleasure have pushed her panties aside, and began fingering her wet treasure – a natural expression of beauty on fire.

I knew, it will be the most wonderful day. Just as any day of the week for the past 2 years. 

x x x 

26 ladies patiently waited for the arrival of Mr EndlessStream, the one and only florist of the city. I’m sure you are wondering – ‘Why?’

Ah, who cares… All I know – the sweet, almost sickly, smell of flowers cut through the walls of the local bakery almost every day. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed my breakfast. Nobody could escape that smell…The smell of lust. The smell of guilt. The smell of betrayal. The smell of troubles.  

x x x

Noon. The bakery ‘Wet Temptation’.

Mr SlideMeatIn&Out was a regular customer.
– Same as usual, honey? – asked Mrs DrippingPleasure. Her tits looked ready to tumble right out into the open, and Mr SlideMeatIn&Out liked it.
– Yeah, – he scrubbed the hair on his bare, covered in blood, chest and went back to the table, where his elegant buddy, Mr HotJizz, have chewed a creamy cheese sandwich. Mr HotJizz looked like an old man, the hair with no colour and the black monster-glasses. A sort of creeping horror of the elegance. 

– People doesn’t eat meat anymore. Especially women! All those last trends are killing my income, Jizz. I do not understand why each day Mr EndlessStream have the longest queue to his damn flower shop and the rest of us – only 2, 3 visitors a week, – said Mr SlideMeatIn&Out with the low voice. 

Mr EndlessStream arrived at the bakery in a rush. Still…he winked to ‘enjoying-the-freedom’ sweaty tits of Mrs DrippingPleasure and jumped into the conversation:
– Oh, I’m glad to see you, ducks! This is how I think: ‘women are the flowers’. They are the art. They breathe art, they kill for art, and they do a lot of dirty things for art too.
– Jewellery is the art also, but no-one willing to give me an extra blowj@b for looking at my diamonds. All the smell and the sound from your flower-shop reminds me about my teenage years… what do you really do to those poor women, sick f@ck? – anxious look on Mr HotJizz’s face. 

Mr EndlessStream have touched his hanging bulge (add the unexpected loud laugh):
– Women want the attention, like a kid screaming for the ice cream…- after the pause he continued, – I have an idea! I could open the workshop, just for one evening, to teach you both The Art Of Charm. 

Mrs DrippingPleasure approached the table with the plate of fish and a chewing gum on her low-cut t-shirt.
– I’d like to participate in the new workshop. I also could bring an old friend of mine who should be realised from emergency room this afternoon, – she said.
– Isn’t this sweet? – Mr EndlessStream squeezed the boob of the lady, while looking back and forth between two friends, – With the help of this outstanding body I’ll teach you how to find your swagger, gentlemen…

x x x

Tuesday evening, 8:30 pm.

Mr EndlessStream was ready to start his first ever ‘How to Find Your Swagger WorkShop’. Two naked ladies were sitting in the corner of the room, looking at the bed in the middle of the store with a pinch of curiosity.

Mr EndlessStream moved closer to the corner, tried to free his hard member to enter Mrs DrippingPleasure. Then he put his mouth on her wet violin and began munching on it feverishly. He had completely forgotten that his two friends are standing right there and watching. He ate her out as if he hadn’t eaten in days.

Mr HotJizz looked like a scared rabbit caught in a snare. Mrs GaspingForAir whispered:
– I’m surprised he’s that talented. This explains why he got so many visitors in the shop. Maybe if I’ll bend over, I’ll get some attention too.
Mr SlideMeatIn&Out has dropped back in the chair, dizzy and confused. Then he did something he had never done before but suddenly couldn’t help himself…

x x x

Mr HotJizz placed the swollen fingers against the wall and slowly began to push his body towards Mrs GaspingForAir.

Ms GaspingForAir said:
– Please stop, you are only making it worse.
Mr HotJizz have looked around:
– I dont know what are you talking about… I haven’t started yet. 

‘That’s the problem,’ – she thought.  

Mr EndlessStream stood up and checked the hidden camera inside of the red petals. He sighed:
– Hey, Jizz! Be confident! Look at her ripe body. Make it alive.
– I need some air, – Mr HotJizz was sweating, even shaking a little.
– Torture her by your ‘walking dynamite’. Grab her like a sandwich at lunch and eat it. Haha

Mr SlideMeatIn&Out, who had a bigger hands and much bigger mouths hugged Mrs GaspingForAir from behind:
– I can help you to grab this sandwich, Jizz
His Swagger was much thicker and this immediately got the attention of the burgomaster’s wife.
Mr SlideMeatIn&Out was very happy, he was about to realize a long-held fantasy.
– You gonna love it, – he whispered in the ear of the burgomaster’s wife, after grabbing her hair and pulling her back towards him.

x x x

Under the bed.

– I am a loser. I can’t do anything right, – cried poor Mr HotJizz.
– This is a private property, get out! – shouted Mrs DrippingPleasure, hiding her intense comfort from being surrounded by 3 males at once under the tiny bed of flowers.
– That’s not true, buddy, – I whispered to him, – don’t move. Let me show it to you step by step! – and I checked my compound hidden camera. Just in case.
– Who are you? – Mr HotJizz asked.
– Justice and Order, – all I could come up with in that busy steamy moment.

x x x 

Wednesday (from 4 am to 11pm).  

‘Get on your knees! Open your mouth!’ – those two phrases, almost like a mantra, tore apart the air outside of the jewellery store.
Mr HotJizz have worked hard, pushing his throbbing monster into each mouth entering the shop.

x x x

I was relaxing in my hotel room when I heard the knock on the door. Mr EndlessStream brought me 63 new videos of Mrs GaspingForAir.
– How many workshops did she do this week? – I asked.
– Nine, I think.
– 9 in 7 days?
– 9 hours a day. Each day, – Mr EndlessStream closed his tired eyes.

This is HOW she’s doing it…mmm, or better I’ll save that story for another day. 

Mr Burgomaster gonna love it, – my voice have paused for a dramatic effect. 

The End!
Smile 😂


PS. Next post – Book Review ‘The Outsider’, Stephen King (tomorrow)

Word compound used for Fandango’s prompt – meaning ‘complex’
Word duck used for #RDP prompt – meaning ‘a sign of affection’ (british)

I was a Bad Blogger this week. I think it would be my favourite award, haha. But I’m  really enjoying the break. I’ll post 2 days a week, as I said before. Next week: challenge, cool prompts and the review. The plan is – > HERE as always. 

Did I say I love you today? 😉✌️


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