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#coolprompts I see things as they are

Written for #coolprompts ‘Lessons from Nobel Prize Winners’
Also inspired by Edvard Munch ‘Scream’, Lee Young illustration ‘Scream’ and the blog Scarpoe

x x x

The future happens. No matter how much we scream,’ – I grabbed her arm, wrapped in the black coat.
‘It’s unnecessary. I’m fine,’ – she yawned.

The road was empty. My conscience shut the eyes and wished to take a long walk. Far from us. Far from the world that created the gruesome human mind.

She’ll leave soon, I thought. But she didn’t.
It was so cold we could barely talk. I mentally prepared for one more paranoic argument.

Breathe deeply.
Enjoy life.
Face your fears.
Treat your body right.
Be kind.
Stay happy.
Find the purpose.
A long list of demands to balance yourself.

‘I think I am OKAY,’ – I said, still confused. My tired consciousness nodded in agreement. I closed the eyes and concentrated on the breath. No cars, only wind.

Think happy thoughts.
Think happy thoughts.

x x x

‘Someone is coming to fix you,’ – I whispered.
‘There’s nothing lonelier than that,’ – her voice is drained of colour.
‘…than what?’

‘…than waiting,’ – and she flashed a huge smile. A smile of absolute sadness, from the place with no light and no darkness. 

‘I will miss us both,’ – I said. And left her on the empty road. 

The end 

Lee Young, ‘Scream’

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