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You know how writers are: they create themselves as they create their work

If there’s a story inside of you – it will come out some way. But what exactly is going to come out – that’s the question! I’m a huge believer in the words of Orson Scott Card, who said: 

“You know how writers are…they create themselves as they create their work. Or perhaps they create their work in order to create themselves.” 

In other words, we are inside of the CIRCLE. And we stuck there. But it makes us happy, right? 

Remember my post  Writer’s Block as a trend where I said that you are 1) lazy, 2) busy or 3) depressed… Ops, I have changed my mind 😂, because yesterday I read the quote of Charles Bukowski:

“writing about a writer’s block is better than NOT writing at all”

And he also said to me: ‘What a heck, Ray?’ Let people write, maybe they’ll get unlocked some way or another.’


x x x

Today I’m going to share a couple of articles/posts I read during this week. I’ll give a short description, it will be easier to choose the post you’d like to check (all links opens in a new windows).

The Writing Advice from America’s Greatest  – the name says it all…

What Reviewing Gives Us  – a great post about reviewing of the books, our behaviour and Amazon. 

I can’t find the blog…with this hilarious poem about coffee. I’m sure you are enjoying the first two lines. 


Also I want the room/studio like this in my back yard. Ahh, just perfect – for anything. Don’t you think? 


Huge hugs to all supporters who participated in #coolprompts and challenges this week. It was more people this week, maybe because we are surrounded by fears 😉

Stew with Carpe Diem  – some kind of sci-fi, fantasy mix about ‘What your Heart desires’ experiences. 

MusingsOfAminorsMind Blog – very cool writing about the fear of the Sun. 

LashiniBlog  – with a beautiful analogy about Individual Soul and Supersoul (from Bhagavad Gita).

The World thru the eyes of GABRIELA – I love this poem about ‘hunger’ and ‘hungry’. To feed or to eat? …

ONE MORE HUNGRY 😂😂 – it is special one for you, folks, YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY IT 😉✌️ – the famous Reggie German with the VIDEO – ‘Hungry for you’.
#mustwatch, it will make you smile for sure! 

Tom Darby  – with the fear of being forgotten, great poem ‘Dry Bones’. 

x x x

About the books… I’ve found the book of Jan Stenmark in the humor-section yesterday, with hilarious pictures and very short texts. I think if we could take pictures of this level – we’d be free from any Writers Blocks. Just saying 😂

How to love ‘loudly’? Only the author knows…


 Also huge thanks to Jim – for always participating in my prompts!
Rory  for being always around no matter what! 
Crook’s Eye  for his hungry Modesty!
And Kaylena Radcliff for her choice of coffee! 

You know what, folks, I think you have to check all those amazing (+active) blogs above.
But I know you won’t.
So choose at least one
And if you’ll feel sometimes (or often) that nobody understands you… remember, Nietzsche and Ray does! Because we think:

“one does not only wish to be understood when one writes; one wishes just as surely not to be understood…”


And one more uplifting advice, from Robin McKinley:

“One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a writer…is learning to live with the fact that the wonderful story in your head is infinitely better, truer, more moving, more fascinating, more perceptive, than anything you’re going to manage to get down on paper. (And if you EVER think otherwise, then you’ve turned into an arrogant self-satisfied prat, and should look for another job or another avocation or another weekend activity.) So you have to learn to live with the fact that you’re never going to write well enough. Of course that’s what keeps you trying — trying as hard as you can — which is a good thing!”

The Plan for the next week is Here, check it out and stay tuned! 
Be Ready for New Challenge (tomorrow) and #coolprompts (Tuesday). As well as for the Book Review 😎☕️

Have one awesome Sunday! 

Next Post – ‘Best Detectives Of All Time’ Challenge


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  1. “Most people wait for inspiration to write. I make sure I’m inspired by 9:00 A.M. every morning.” That’s a quote from a writer whom I’ve just read, but can’t recall his name right now. Diggin’ your blog Ray.

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  2. Thank you so much for including my video, Ray. It really means a lot. And I love that Bukowski quote. First time i read it, I just laughed, because he made it seem so simple to overcome writer’s block haha.

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  3. I wish I had the time for your prompts but sadly my nose is bearly above water. I blog seven days a week and now another book underway I will just have to be satisfied with reading your wise words. 😀

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  4. I would say ‘Eat until satisfied. Only after, worry about feeding another!’

    I also think that Writers block is fear. We are afraid to open the floodgates of our minds. Scared to see whats truly inside!

    🌙 It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed my poem. Thank you 🙂

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